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New Hog Deer Form

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by bowerbird, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. bowerbird

    bowerbird New Member

    For those who love the Asiatic deer species and find getting forms difficult , here is the latest addition to our growing line of Asiatic Creations
    Sculptured last week and molded this week, Axis porcinus, or Indian Hog Deer.
    Measurements are 5 3/8 x 17 1/2 '' this little beauty was modeled over the actual specimens skull and forms are now available.
    Not a single wrinkle, and a perfect nose and gape fit.
    We will be adding to the complete line of Hog Deer over the next few months sculptures all done 2012



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  2. dgats

    dgats New Member

    Isn't that the Research Form

  3. bowerbird

    bowerbird New Member

    No this is an entirely new form.
    The Research model is a sculpture by Mick Doellinger done back in the late 90 s.
    Naturally they look similar as one woud expect if you have the same objective in mind to recreate the same species, except Micks is opposite turn and a bit more" bully" in the face so to speak.
    This model is from a 17 inch stag taken on the mainland where the population all tend to be a petite fine faced trophy despite there enormous antler size
    Drop me a line if you wish to purchase one. They are copy-righted

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  4. dgats

    dgats New Member

    nice job Bowerbird sorry i got it wrong
  5. maxart

    maxart Member

    Would love to try one, and could use it ASAP. Is there a way I could purchase one and get it to the states?

    Regards ....Anthony