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THANK YOU WVTA - For a fantastic show once again!!

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Mac McLane, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. After a long ride home and a wind down drink, I have to express our Thanks to Billy Robertson and the WTVA crew for putting on an awesome show. If you missed it you missed a good one. The seminars I saw by Vince Fleming, Page Nethercut, and Terry Wieck were very good (I missed the other two with Paul Cales and Kent Stryker but here they were interesting enough!) The banquet / auction / awards ceremony was the longest I have ever been in, but if you did not get anything at that auction it was your own fault given all the items that they had! (Thanks to all the suppliers who provided items and came up!) It was great seeing friends we had not seen since last year! We are looking forward to next years show. If it will be anything like this years was, you don't want to miss it!

    Note the "Mad Scientist" Below! LOL

    Mac & Aud

  2. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Great to meet you Mac and everyone else at the show! Hope to be back next year and see everyone again!

  3. Derrin

    Derrin New Member

    It was a long ride for us also,Mac. But, it was worth every mile! Great bunch of people, and beautiful country!! I brought home so much info from all the seminars, can't wait to put them in use. (will begin tomorrow) I have to say, this was one smooth running convention, and it didn't just happen that way, it was well orchestrated by all the WV team, and members. Got to meet people face to face I had only talked to over the phone or internet, and that was a great experience as well. You all who had thoughts about going, and didn't, you don't know what you missed!! These guys laid out some very creative, and some brand new innovative ideas!! Billy and your crew, we appreciate you making Kenjie and I feel like family! Thanks for a GREAT SHOW!! We saw a lot of smilin faces, and beautiful places!! Tommy Kemmerlin
  4. v.fleming

    v.fleming New Member

    Yes, it was a great show. I would like to thank everyone at the WVTA for having me come up and judge your show. It was also good to see so many friends and make new ones. Congrats to all the winners.
  5. Kittrell Hill

    Kittrell Hill 9 Beard Merriam 2008 Meade Co SD

    I will second that Mac. Billy and the whole WV crew put on a great show and I had a blast. Got to meet some really great people old and new and I am planning my trip back there next year. Hope to bring a coulple more friends with me to the show next year. By the way Mac Congrats on your NWTF award ;)
  6. I want to thank everyone that attended our WVTA convention. The show was a great success due to many factors. The hard work of our officers and board members paid off in spades. The venue we have here in Flatwoods is top shelf and the management and staff are extremely helpful.

    Our seminar instructors and judges were excellent. Terry Weick...Vincent Fleming...Page Nethercut...Paul Cales... Kent Stryker and Ella Haddix provided educational benefits that exceeded our expectations. They were great!!

    The most important factor for me was all the folks that came to the show. What a "Great" group of people we had in attendance. It was so good to meet you all and have you at our event!!!

    Again..."Thank You All" for being part of WVTA's 26th annual show!!!
  7. Good to see you again Mac, congrats on your award. I always like to see your work, always very creative and outside of the box.
  8. Matt / Tommy,
    definately enjoyed meeting yall both in person, just wish there had been more time to get together and shoot the breeze some more. I'm sure our path's will cross again.
    Thaks Tuggy! I appreciate that. I was pleased with the 2nd, the NWTF was a default, LOL but that's Ok, I want that WASCO and the Van Dyke's again, so I'm thinkin hard on my piece for the NCTA show. I will be late getting there, but unless the world crashes, we will be there!! Vince, always enjoy getting up with you. You have a similar outside of the box approach which is why I think we get along so well! LOL I hope you make it to NC in Aug. it's another great show worth attending, just can;t beat the family atmosphere! ;D