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Fixing Split Eye Lid

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Recdec1, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Tomorrow I am planning on mounting a white tail and was hoping for a bit of advice before I start. I would post a picture of the problem but it is thawing now after I re hydrated, stretched, and ordered form. When I took this deer in this past fall, the upper eye lid was split. It appeared that the deer suffer a small puncture in the center of the upper eye lid, about a quarter inch from the eye lashes. I say puncture because there was a round shaped wound. From that round wound, the skin split though eye lashes toward the eye. I informed the owner of the damage, and we decided that we would still proceed. So, I have to make a repair to what looks like a cut from the edge of the eye skin up into the lid around a quarter to three eights of an inch. So my question is what would you recommend for a fix prior to mounting. I am using the eye lay method. I was thinking of using a fine needle and thread and trying to sow it shut. My fear is that during the drying process it will open up showing the split, or worse yet the stitches would be very visable. I even thought, if that happend, I could use a bit of epoxy sculpt and paint to try and hide the problem. I also considered using a dab or two of super glue, but am worried that it may harden in its all to familiar rigid state which would effect my ability to get the proper eye shape. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Jeremy
  2. Before posting this topic, I did a search and found nothing on Fixing Split Eye Lid. Had I typed in Torn Eye Lid, I would have found http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php/topic,167290.0.html. The only thing that seems different for my situation is that there is round puncture that almost seems that it has to be stitched (even though the link says avoid the needle and thread).

  3. Tenbears

    Tenbears New Member

    This is a rough one to make a decision on without seeing the damage first hand. because of the location sewing may not be a great option. And pinning may be difficult as the upper lid is usually underlaid with clay, and the glass eye. what i would do is close the cut nicely, and crazy glue a piece of dryer sheet to the inside of the lid making sure I laid it over a glass eye while setting up. In that way the glue will dry in roughly the shape you will want. Thus reducing wrinkles in the finished produce. tend this mount regularly for a few days until the lid dries well. By making careful adjustments through the drying process you may be surprised at the outcome. Since the customer knows it is there he will be looking at it But should be a bit tolerant of minor flaws. Any imperfections that you feel are unacceptable can be sculpted in then flocked. when you do your detail work a bit of airbrush work will make the repair all bet invisible.
  4. Great advise, will share picsin a few days of outcome.
  5. Another way to go about it might be to go ahead sew it up, and if it opens a bit then just cut the stitches out and fill with epoxy. It might just be me, but if you superglue it and some leaks through the cut and gets in the hair, it will be more noticeable than the just the cut with a little epoxy. Not saying that the above suggestion is wrong, just another way you might go about it..good luck
  6. Slayer, thank you. That is a good point, I dont want the glue to leak through.
  7. 24/7

    24/7 New Member

    I hav had good results on eye repairs with a small needle and use a fishing line called "Fire line". U can get it at walmart. Almost invisible. If it does pull apart I use a little apoxie sculpt and airbrush.
  8. Mr.T

    Mr.T New Member

    I would sew tiny stitches, but using single stitches, one stitch tie it off, another stitch, tie it off, you would only need three stitches in a nick like that. Easy fix. I did an Eland today that had 100 times worse than that done to both eyes, it just took time and tiny baseball stitching. I wish I had taken pictures, you would have been glad that you had just a tiny nick.
  9. Thanks guys. I have some fireline in the shop, will put it to good use. Mr. T, never thought of doing a series in single stitches. If you dont mind my asking, why the single versus the roll or baseball? Assume it will have less tendency to bunch skin, apperance, holds better?
  10. Mr.T

    Mr.T New Member

    Singles will not scrunch up the area, keep the stitches on the edge, do not take big bites with the needle. If using fire line, use the thinnest you can find for the micro stitches, 8 lb or less. And needle too. Then make sure that you have slack skin around the eye after setting, or any fix will pull open when drying.
  11. Your the man , thank you for all the advice. Think I am ready to give it go.
  12. If it opens a little use Elmer's wood filler. You can get different colors in the tubes and it hides way better than epoxy. Lay a little in, let it dry a few minutes and then use a tooth brush or any stiff artists brush and brush the excess off.
  13. Here is picture or two of the eye that I did my repair on. I decided to use super glue instead of thread to fix the split. Like I was told, I put it on the end of needle and did small sections at a time. After drying, I used epoxy scultp and the air brush. I was very pleased with result. Handed the customer the flashlight when he came to pick up the deer this past week, he knew it was split. After looking at both eyes for a couple minutes, he asked which one was the one that had the large split. I replied, "Thats right, which one was the eye"... LOL, I was happy with how it turned out in the end. Thanks to all those that helped out.

    Sorry I didn't get a before picture. I was caught up in the thought of repair!

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  14. Tried to put a line of color in to show where the problem was. Obviously I draw with a mouse like it is a crayon in my fist.

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  15. tem

    tem Active Member

    nice fix. i was looking in a different area. couldn't tell ware it was.
  16. Thanks tem. Hope they all go that well, lol, fat chance...