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Not trying to start a fight, but honestly, how do they do it?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by michael p., Apr 26, 2012.

  1. W
    Amagine how grumpy and pissed off the guys that do cheap-a$$ work with cheapa$$ prices would get!!!!!!
    We do NOT want to get him skinned, or killed,then mounted to look like CHIT!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lucky me in La. we are not required to collect sales taxes on services provided.

  3. I been doing the 150 to 200 thing for years. And i am done with-em before the next season starts..
  4. Your wrong flat wrong
    I dont work 7 days a week. and i dont work 8 hours a day but i am there that long.
    No i do not do 100 flat skins maybe, 10 Skulls 50/80 Deer 150/200 ducks 60/80 other crap i figure you got a general idea.
    My wife does the ducks and small life size, she does sew up deer when i have more than two out for the day to mount up. I most definitely goof of several hours in a day to.
  5. You want to talk about something that's don't seem possible.
    Now bear in mind i have no proof. just people telling me this.
    A man opened up shop 2 years ago 40 miles from me, the claim is he is already taking in 200 + and getting ALL of them out in 4 months. and at $350.00
    Is that possible it could be done but i highly doubt it.
  6. Hell i will volunteer for that one. come on over MP at the end of the day i"ll cook you up some crawfish, drink till we cant stand up. Just plain a$$ make a party out it. Shoot bring guest with you.
  7. I've been reading about this topic and would also like to know....how does someone charge only $100 to mount a duck (wholesale) and make any money?
  8. When you find out, and find out what they look like let me know. I'm not a bird guy and if I could make $ and wholesale them out I probably would. $100! If they looked and smelled good, sounds like a deal!

    Here's one more. I have 2 guys within 15 miles charging under $500 for a lifesize bobcat. I believe it is actually $400-450 and $500 for half lifesize black bear! but both of there deer heads are still $400.
  9. James Parrish

    James Parrish Tundra Swan...Its What's For Dinner!

    I have a couple of points to make in response to this post. First of all, I cannot imagine anyone doing that volume of work in only 40hrs per week, especially factoring in all the time required dealing with customers, doing paperwork, cleaning up the shop, going to the bank, ordering supplies, etc.

    Second, I might be considered to be a "high roller" but in my mind, working for $30K with no benefits is a raw deal, especially when you factor in the skill required to do taxidermy and the number of hours per week required to make that $30K.

    In that mathematical formula, I did not see any profit for your business. All successful businesses make a profit after paying their employees (ie. you). In your formulation, where do you get the money to fix the shop AC when it goes out in the middle of the Texas summer? How about when a freezer goes belly up? Where does the money come from to replace it? Do you take that out of the money you would otherwise pay yourself?
  10. trappersteph

    trappersteph now you can have it...

    Holy crap, what a thread! I can't even barely get work in the shop anymore- alot of guys are going to the cheapos or just doing euros themselves. Loyalty is at an all time low. I guess that's how the lowballers get their work in this economy LOL. I could go to doing wholesale, but that is like lowballing LOL. However if there are actual successful shops-full quality and high price taxidermists located near enough to me who need help, I am quite good at the furbearers, and can do squirrels and whatnot. I guess my main problem is aspergers and some bipolar crap. Either I am socialable but doing everything wrong, or I want to be a hermit clinging to my guns LOL. My anxiety problems keep me from competitions and whatnot, none are ever within 25 miles LOL. Ha ha Yox used to tell me my attitide was wrong- must be that damned aspergers.
  11. Ron B

    Ron B Life Sucks.....Then comes the death roll!!!!

    You know...just a quick rational thought. You should only allow your arrogance to let you accuse people of being "afraid" to raise their prices, if YOU, are the guy....with the HIGHEST price!!!!!!!! ??? ??? ??? If you are at $600 and someone else is getting $800 get the HELL out of the way and let the $800 guy do the talking. What are you scared of........losing customers? Raise your dam prices!!!

    Lets make it a forum rule that if you are not the highest priced guy out there then you can't bring this up again! Its only HIS opinion that counts. Cause if you ain't gettin 800 but someone else is............you ain't got no business plan! :p
  12. James Parrish

    James Parrish Tundra Swan...Its What's For Dinner!

    Another misguided argument. Being the highest or lowest is irrelevant. One's pricing has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else's prices. Overhead, supply costs, and the rest are irrelevant comparisons of how much money a business is making. What really matters is what you are paying yourself hourly in wages and the percentage profit your business makes. We call that the bottom line. You don't have to be the highest priced guy to have the best bottom line.

    The real argument on the $350 deer head is that you can probably get by financially doing them for this price, but you cannot have a good bottom line. The math just does not add up.
  13. Like my daddy always said "You need guys dumb enought to flip burgers at the Mcdonalds your smart enough to own."
  14. Nobody said you have to have a higher price to have an opinion that counts. But that is a pretty reckless response for people simply pointing out some basic mathematical errors in some of the stuff that has been posted here. I don't know if it is the "arrogant" "high rollers" who make this subject turn into the conversation it degrades into or if it is the people who give up on their flawed math (because it doesn't add up) and start attacking both the conversation itself and the one who can afford a $5 calculator. P.S. I charge less than $600 but I don't just do deer heads. I have been steadily raising my prices for a few years and plan to continue to do so as the amount of work I continue to take in allows. I charge based on what I think I can get, what my quality is worth and proven to be worth, and what the client base I have built up will allow. Now with that said according to your theory since I did the math on someones 200 deer at 350 theory earlier, I better move aside and let someone else more arrogant step in take over here, LOL. Nothing personal man, just don't get the logic behind you comment.
  15. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    I remember when I got married nearly thirty years ago, my wife and I sat down and did the "maths" with a mortgage adviser to see what mortgage we could afford on a house.The maths never did work out. On paper we should have been living in a tent LOL but in reality we could have bought a bigger house.
    People are on here telling others they can run a business for many many years charging what they charge, yet others simply do not believe them ,or insist "the maths do not add up" ,
    why is that ?
  16. roundyracer

    roundyracer been to the mountain and seen the elephant.usmc 68

    So we still cant agree.I thought this kinda answered most feelings.
  17. Sounds like a really smart guy right there!!!!!
  18. ANDY

    ANDY Well-Known Member

    Considering where this has gone, are the $5-600.- guy's considered low baller's to the guy's that charge $7-800.- or is it just the guy's
    that charge $350?, from what i see and read it's the public saying there not paying big money to get a deerhead mounted or they
    wouldn't be going to them. It looks like the hard core hunter's will pay more money but the average guy's that just hunt on the weekends
    or hunt because it's gun season won't and pay the cheaper cost.
  19. [/quote]
    I did the math on someones 200 deer at 350 theory earlier, .
    There are some people that's just cant see past the print. Those group of folks think if its not wrote in a book or in the form of a formula it wont work. Sometimes things just do. Come on down & take a look join the crawfish party

    My daddy always said some people are so smart they are stupid !
    I think you should tell your pop that the guy that owns mc donalds ought to have his A$$ in the kitchen and flip some burgers .If he did he would see that the guy at the cash register has his hand in the cookie jar, The girl at the window is insulting customers that wont come back. The cook is having sex in the closet with the sack-it girl. so the burgers are burning. like i said the owner needs to get in their and manage his business and work a little.
  20. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    The price shopper may pay the $300 for a mount but no more. He then has not taken business away from anyone, especially the most expensive in the area.

    If the math for the guy charging $300 will not allow him to survive......he won't. Then another will come and try to do the same. Or the customers will be so disatisfied by the poor quality as protrayed by many people posting here that the customer will be willing to spend a little more to get better quality.

    Some of my best advertising is my so called competition in my area. Because the customer tried to save some money and use a cheaper taxidermist. When I have them visit the shop after their experience, I usually have a new customer.

    I save advertising money thanks to those cheaper taxidermist with lower quality. Thank you because I may not be where I am today without you.