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i thought i was to cheap this guy is at $7.50 a inch and $9.50 for trout & samon

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by tracy, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    There, does that make you feel better Steven? I don't always hit the quote thing when it's obvious I'm replying to a certain person. Probably residue from old school computer usage when server space was an issue.

    Here's right off the internet. Don't know the acuracy, but I could only assume since nobody on the thread I took it from said anything about any errors that this data is correct. Which would correlate to other data I've found. You probably had some Lord Humongous (yes, a Road Warrior reference folks - lol!) fans if you were using that much electricity. Remember, the original post was for ONE small fan in front of a fish. "Pennies a day" (like I said):

    "If you are using 40 watts it will take 25 hours to use 1KWH. Electric rates vary from 6 cents per KWH to over 12 cents per KWH. If your utility company charges 10 cents per KWH then it would cost you 10 cents for running 25 hours."

    I just get a kick out of John's "in a pinch" post using a fan and the only thing you can extrapulate from it is to make sure you recoop those fan costs - lol! Nobody's saying not to. But, you have a problem when somebody calls you on your bullship data and your Micro-managing ideas. Not to mention the fact that you're a full-service shop and your previous bullship post was called out upon by others too (that running a fish-only shop is a completely different scenario.)

    "Poor business ethics"? Gimme a break! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to run a taxidermy shop. You've proven that. And why do you keep insisting to discuss things in PM's? There's nothing to discuss! IF you don't like me calling you out on a message board when you post stupid stuff, simply quit saying stupid things - lol! The bottom line is NO, you do not have thick skin. If you think I'm bad, WAIT til George finds something you post that's dumb - lol!


    Try the above link. A table fan uses the same amount of electricity as a ceiling fan. Running constantly for a full YEAR at .15 cents a KW is only $32 bucks a year. That would mean John needed to recover 8 WHOLE CENTS for that 24 hour usage - lol! I don't care what you THINK you spend. This data is correct and within the context of the debate...
  2. Steven Klee

    Steven Klee Steven Klee Studios

    O.k. Fish art A.K.A. Mr. thick skin.

    1. You mentioned you used at least 2 fans in your post.
    2. you did not originally mention size of said fans. Mine are particularly large and as I said I use 3 and your scenario is probably different agreeing with you.
    3. Being called out on being a fish only business and being put in my place was only a quote I had made 3 posts before that when I said quote: I believe we had not discussed fish only, I do it all BIG DIFFERENCE. but of course that only reinforces you don't read everything before posting.
    4. Comparing Factory Work with Taxidermy ( which is what got this thing all started because you miss read ) somehow you got off comparing it to teachers and how long it takes them to get a degree. In rebuttal, if it takes a teacher 4 years to learn Mathematics, certainly it would include addition, sub, algebra, calculus, etc.. Well you just covered fish taxidermy only, Coldwater fish being calculus if you will. Now they would have to go back for another 4 to learn history ( deer & gameheads ) another 4 for Science ( birds ). We never finish learning or paying to learn. Makes us worth more money.
    5. Never asked anyone to pm me. You are the first. Another miss quote by you.
    6. You just admitting to trying to call me out on my posts proves my point earlier about you stalking me.
    7. Don't try to drag others into this, This is all about you and me and how far you intend to stick your nose up my A$$$$.
    8. And for your information, just buying a taxidermy license does not make you a taxidermist.
    9. I have the utmost respect for George, I am not saying anything he wouldn't say about keeping business separate from home.. The only difference is I'm saying it and not him so I'm a moron, heh. That's funny
    10. I never seek conflict with you or anyone else on here, in fact I have bowed out many times but you always seem to look for me, starting your bull. Talk about thin skin, not to mention personal issues.
    11. As usual you speak out of your rear end, your link above expressly says electricity use varies due to model, electric companies and many other variables. Just like you to leave crap out to try and make your silly points.

    Like I said before, I don't know why you keep following me around, other people are not doing that because they realize this is all opinion. well I guess you just said it when you said you think I'm spreading bullship. So that makes you a stalker and a liar as well.. Well make no mistake about it Marty, I don't like people who stir crap, and you seem to be the best with crap I've seen. I am going to bow out now just like 3 or 4 times before leaving you the last word as you always seem to have to have like a schoolgirl with her feelings hurt.

  3. marshy creek

    marshy creek New Member

    Marty....welcome to the new age of taxidermy....LMAO.....and since know it all Klee stated that a post addressed towards a particular member is personal, than my message to you Marty should not be commented on by anyone but you......buy your toilet paper by the case from a janitorial supply company....23.00 gets me 48 rolls....Mr. Klee needs to stop eating so much or use 1 sheet per wipe......Marty, you have been on the old forum as well as the new for a very long time, and are respected as such....Mr. Klee makes a grand appearance out of knowhere, posts a barage of photo's, boasts of his knowledge as well as informing all of his superior accolades.....there are many more like him, and it will continue to get worse.....stick to your guns, do what works for you and be proud of noy only your accomplishments but what you have given so freely on this forum to help others
  4. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Oops, forgot to do the quote thing again - lol!

    Thanks Marshy.

    Alright, you win Steven. Even though I went with the higher 15 cent rate vs. your 13. With two larger fans going for 24 hours a day John could have spent up to 16 cents for that day instead of the 8 cents that I mentioned. Maybe even a whole quarter. I'm a big man, I'll admit when I'm wrong.

    Off to tip a few Tecate's so feel free to comment on my last comments of the day here Steven. But, I won't be able to reply back until tomorrow. Just make sure you use the little quote thing otherwise you could be accused of taking things out of context - lol!

    Welcome to Taxidermy.net btw - lol!
  5. Steven Klee

    Steven Klee Steven Klee Studios

    I am actually enlightened now ! You used the upper end rate too, huh ? Wow, I supposed you figured in costs for say, 3 large INDUSTRIAL fans too. Or how about 3 large squirrel cage fans? You remember, the old ones that some of the old timers still use because of superior air flow. Never mind that they don't carry the energy efficient symbol on the back and use 3 or 4 times the electricity as today's fans. I sure am glad fish art is here to save us all, I couldn't have figured it out by myself.
    Now that we've wasted everyone's valuable time on how the great fish Art does things in his shop, we really should go back to where this all started. REPLY #30 by Daniel Blackstone , who actually DOES do museum quality fish by the way ( but that's another topic ), said something to the effect of: if my memory serves me correctly a Hair dryer was used. Nothing to do with fans. So I guess we are in agreement due to one of your previous posts that a hair dryer uses more electricity making my original question valid.
    We both know what this is all about. You a senior member, wearing your senior status badge trying to bully people you don't agree with, trying to make them look bad so they might leave the site. After all, you do think it's your site right? especially since you've been here forever. Who are these other people to question you or how you do things ? Darn Newbies anyway !!
    Well brother, in your buddy's words, welcome to the new age of taxidermy, some of us are actually experienced and educated before we get on here. No one owes you or anyone else any apologies for what they have or have not achieved before entering this forum.
    Thanks for singling me out and giving me the old special introduction and welcome to Taxi.net, and by the way, I'll be here a while !!

    P.S. Maybe you can ask Marshy for me since I'm not allowed to speak directly to him. How does seeking out the cheapest toilet paper in the country and wiping your A$$$$ with sandpaper actually help the 2000 plus people reading this thread? No accolades or special awards needed here, just a little common sense before you post crap that doesn't help anyone. You guys really do need to move on, I am not the one you want to carry this on with!!!
  6. Perca

    Perca Well-Known Member

  7. M.T.

    M.T. Active Member

    Not quite done painting but turned to a different job. Now I've been landscaping with rock in the yard. Antways Klee, Marty was the sixth member on the new taxi.net forum, you are something like 37,000. Just thought I'd remind you of that. Oh ya, back to the fan and hairdryer dilema,
    i use both.
  8. So if it cost you a dollar a day to run the fan and it speeds production, so what! I would rather get a fish dry than smell it for days.
  9. Ron B

    Ron B Life Sucks.....Then comes the death roll!!!!

    Wow....don't ususally look at the fish forum. Didn't think fish guys got in arguments.......thought they were all &*^^y's Gonna have to start checkin out the fish section more often!! ;D
  10. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Dude, that's why I stay out of here, they're too rough for me!
  11. Hey Steve, some guys are haters cuz of your blue ribbons..

    Marty's a good guy he just has his opinions.

    If a guy wants to work for less then minimum wage let him... It's not my wallet...
    Fans, hair dryers who gives a RAT ASS.. You want to expedited someones work and get it back to them even faster for even less profit, good for you keep living your American dream.
  12. Really!!! I think we could substitute Marty's name for someone else. ;D If the implied individual would refrain from commenting, I think this post would end. Let see how it goes from here.

    Perca, pass me the popcorn.
  13. Brian W

    Brian W Well-Known Member

    Ya know, I wasnt going to get into this.....(insert another popcorn icon Doug...lol).

    I agree with Todd and J Fish. I've known Marty a long time and although we DONT always agree, we end up laughing about it, whereas you Steve, seem to want to pick a fight. If you've been cruising this site for a year or so before you signed on I believe you said, you think you'd KNOW what the drill is around here. Marty's not using his seniority to bully ANYONE and believe me, he's not trying to make you look bad so you'll leave. Please. He's NOT jealous of you if that's what you think.
    Marty is a very well respected taxidermist and businessman. He has helped NUMEROUS people on this site and offered multiple tips and suggestions for anyone to use. He would do most anything to help another fellow taxi-netter out. He has his opinions like everyone else and so what if he questions something. All I can tell you is you got Marty all wrong and if you want to pick a fight with him, you might as well pick a fight with me and a lot of other guys/gals on this site.
    I can respect your proficiency in your work. I have commented on your EXCELLENT work. I think you can be a valuable asset to this site. What I cant respect is your aggression towards another taxi-net member, newbie or senior, especially when he meant no harm (at least before you went on the attack). Why dont we just move forward from here............agree to disagree. Now, go ahead, attack me too.............
  14. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    I did an article for Taxidermy Today a few years ago showing how to dry a King Salmon ready to mount in 2 days. I used a cast head but the real fins. I cut off the fins so not to have to deal with the fin butts which I rebuilt after they were attached to the dry fish. The method includes a forty eight inch box by twenty four inches wide by twenty inches high with a removable top and I cut out vent holes at either end for air flow.I built the box out of solid foam, with silver foil on one side. On the top of the box I fitted the top part of my food dehydrator and set the operating temperature to mid-range. To get the entire fish to dry and so air would circulate around the entire fish I set it up on a folded screen. I can see no scenario where a perch, walleye or bass could not be dried the same way. How long would it take? I don't know as in the 60 years I've been doing taxidermy work I have never been asked to mount a yellow perch. We use those for bait out here or we catch them and fry them in butter. So if you want to hurry a fish mount it can be done and there are many different ways to do it. MT keep doing what you do if it works for you. Good luck, JL
  15. M.T.

    M.T. Active Member

    Thanks JL, and yes, I dry my fish very quickly like that, but I make sure I set the scales first with just a slight amount of heat for a little while, then I put it to it and git er done! Doesn't take long at all.
  16. I know a few on here should go back and read this all over again and understand what is being said before they voice thier opinion !!!!!! ;)
  17. tracy

    tracy coon dogs

    it was all on how cheap would you work for
    lets see for 8 a in i can put out fish in 24 hrs but it takes me days to paint the living room but i make good $$ ::)
    but can not say how i can do it in 24 hrs in and out the next day other than a hair drier and a fan
    would like to know how just to try it some time ;D
    so any one in INDIANA please tell me what are the rates around you just to start some more :eek:
    and where is the popcorn at
  18. Tracy, are you trying to keep this going for another 6 pages. :D
  19. You didn't go back and read it did you?If you did you still don't understand it !! ;)
  20. Why don't you explain it to us so maybe we will understand what your point is. ;)