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The Month in Fish Pictures" ~Year 5~ May 2012 Special Orca Edition!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, May 2, 2012.

  1. Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is so awesome it scares me and I am fearless. HAHA!
    Nice work guys.
  2. AWESOME,AWESOME AWESOME,love it,excellent job and thank you so much for sharing !!!!

  3. Way to go brothers excellent job that looks fantastic
  4. jt

    jt Member

    Great work guys! AWESOME!!
  5. OMG! you always have some fun projects going on.
  6. SIMPLY INSPIRATIONAL!!! Congrats not one lifesize orca but TWO....
    My body aches at just the thought.

    Thanks Rick & Terry for sharing your dedication to the "ART"
  7. Brian W

    Brian W Well-Known Member

    Phenomenal.......Thanks for sharing that journey with us. "Sea of Dreams"............build it and they will come. Year 5 May 2012 should be dedicated in its entirety to that project. It should own this month..........GREAT WORK guys..............
  8. Words are truly inadequate .......... Y'all have quite a gift - talent, hard work and a love of your profession.

    Now do you get paid bt the mile or by the inch !?!?!?!? :eek:
  9. I'm so excited about this project... I feel like I might have had a hand in it. ;D
  10. Trashfish

    Trashfish It's not easy being me!!

    Polymer Guy- you and your company was one of the keys to our success. Thanks Scot for the great product !
  11. den007

    den007 Active Member

    I don't see too many pics posted Rick! How the heck do you follow that???

    Truly defines "limitless!"

    Now put it in the proper category....Mammals! (LOL)

    PS.....are those Flex eyes or what???
  12. Perk

    Perk Deuce, My grouse dog

    Great job you guys.
  13. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    Well all I can say to my peers and fellow artists alike is thank you! I just like you am a taxidermist and a carver (some times) and like our great friend Terry just another fishhead! I wrote and posted so late that I did want to thanks a lot of folks who made this totally possible! “Polymer Guy” AKA my brother and friend Scott McCussey from Innovative Polymers went above and beyond to create a material that I could use for Terry and I make the skin. I planted a seed when I did the shark as I needed to come up with a better skin and leave it to the industries pace setters IP to come up with one! Thank you Scott! Also the beautiful Kings were a combination of Lake Country Replicas handy work (thanks Gang) and none other then Mr. Dave Campbell!! Who can do a King project with out a Campbell replica supplied by my friend Jeff Gould at JG replicas as well! As I mentioned there will be an article done on the entire project so I will go over in some detail who did what and the cool stuff that comes from talented folks (I won’t got there but it is cool to be in good company) getting together to make a plan work out! So much gratitude goes out to the many who did their part for Terry and I to be in a position to make and create a Killer Project come to life!

    I don’t get much in to politics or religion but I have to say that I’m completely humbled by the comments from my peers and I know that I should never speak for any one but I know Terry is too! My creator gave me a gift of business and a gift of passion to follow to where it can take me. I believe that we all have a gift for sure and that if you work hard enough and long enough, believe in a higher power, humble your own ego this will allow you to focus on what matters! Your family importantly must believe in you as you believe in them and your creator! Remember I didn’t start off with any God given Talent I juts took the gift that God gave me and made the most I could from it thus far! If a guy of minimal abilities can learn to do good work you can and will too! Believe in you as I do! I see each and every month how talented you all are and how inspired I am by the work and courage you all put forward! We are still still learning each day I know I ma and Hope you are too! It is such a fun ride to learn and get some thing new out of it each attempt you make!

    Here are few more photos of the project.

    Here are to packed in the truck Orcas!


    If you ever need a boat built or a Orca carrier! LOL!


    Here are the Steel guys who hung the orcas!






    Here is my on the site repair job ! Thank goodness for Guinness!


    Here is the Guinness !! Helps you through a long days end!


    I want to see some fish pictures now! Lets see your beautiful work!

    My Best!

    Rick Krane
    Anglers Artistry
    Hinsdale NH 03451
    [email protected]
  14. Rick and Terry, You Guys are quite a pair of artists. That piece will be enjoyed for a long time by allot of people. It will inspire many.
    Great job my friends.
  15. Rick and Terry


  16. kikkertinz

    kikkertinz Glass half full

    What everyone one else said!!!!!!!...........would love to see that in person!! You hopefully drank more than one Guiness! You guys are amazing!!
  17. What??? No pigments used here??? I tought you where the King of "Pigments"

    Joke aside, it's an amazing work!


  18. BMW

    BMW New Member

    Wow! What an undertaking. Inspiring stuff gentlemen. Congrats to everyone.
  19. DanB

    DanB New Member

    Wow incredible work guys, awesome job on that Orca display.
  20. FinFlight

    FinFlight TRAIL CREEK

    how in the world can you follow that great work guys.