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l/s bear

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by jasonscustom taxidermy, May 3, 2012.

  1. Another bear I just finished up getting ready to go home.
    Yes this part of my shop is in disarray.

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  2. Aaron H

    Aaron H foxfiretaxidermy.com

    Nice looking mount. Shop looks good to me, about like mine when I'm all the way into something big.

  3. timberlandtaxidermy

    timberlandtaxidermy Taxidermy Instructor NTA Certified Judge

    How come you're not watching American Stuffers on the tv.? :D
    Just kidding. Nice mount.
  4. I knew that would not take long.
  5. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    bear has a great fluff going....looks nice....did you make the rock bases? they look really good
  6. thanks and yes sir
  7. Looks nice from here. Do you have any close-up pics?
  8. alan webfoot

    alan webfoot New Member

    that mount is sweet SO much better than the Rin Tin Tin looking paw on a raised shelf base
  9. Mike Powell

    Mike Powell Well-Known Member

    VERY nice looking bear. Good job!
  10. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    Looks great. Is the base meant to sit on the floor or hang on the wall? How is the balance?
  11. thats funny....no its for the wall
  12. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    I only wondered because it looked slightly flat on bottom. It will look great on the wall.
  13. Justin P.

    Justin P. Active Member

    Good job. The rock looks great too.
  14. Nothing negative towards you at all when you said hows the balance I scrolled back up to the picture and looked at it again and started seeing him on a rock colored circus ball balancing on it.Nothing negative meant back at you.Im a funny weirdo.I was saying that was funny because of my thought not toward you.
  15. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    How do you anchor something that big and heavy to the wall? Do you just use two helping hand hangers or somehow bolt it on the wall? I've seen many large displays on walls and always wondered what method they use to secure it.
  16. Lone Wolf AK

    Lone Wolf AK Lone Wolf Taxidermy and Wildlife Artistry

    Not intending to hijack the thread, but in answer to your question...On big habitat "rocks" and bases, I use "Peace-of-Mind" hangers and space them on a multiple of 16" centers (standard stud gap) so client can put lag screws into the studs and slip the habitat right down over the screws. In other words, I space the hangers either 32", 48", or 64" apart depending on the width of the mount. You need to plan the back of your framework ahead of time to make sure this will fit your hanger spacing.

    I also try to place them level to the habitat's final desired position to make it easier on the client when drilling holes in the wall to place lag screws. If my hangers are not level on the back because of design constraints, I will provide the client with a cardboard template to use so it's a little easier when placing screws.

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  17. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. The only time I did a semi-large one I did it that way, but it was a fox on a rock and I thought maybe a bear would need something bigger than a couple of screws and wondered if there was a special hanger for lag bolts or something.
  18. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Nice work Jason! Looks very well groomed. I saw this on FB the other night when Jimmy shared it. Love the rock work as well!
  19. Thanks everyone.
  20. nice bear