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Repro alligator head for 12'

Discussion in 'Reptile Taxidermy' started by Bobbym1232, May 7, 2012.

  1. Bobbym1232

    Bobbym1232 New Member

    Tannery said that the head on a 12' I have to mount slipped. I've never mounted a gator and I'm hoping this is common repair. Just in case, would like to see if there are any repro heads that would work on a swimming pose ( partially open mouth).

    Paid for hands on seminar to take it to, and it is 12 day away so need to get things ordered.

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  2. You can probably still mount it. Slipping on the head is not too bad to fix.

  3. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    Slipping on an alligator is usually like a thin black garbage bag coming apart. Really thin black looking membrane material. It looks like hell because underneath that thin membrane it's white! :eek: Paint will usually fix most slippage on an alligator from what I've seen.
  4. Bobbym1232

    Bobbym1232 New Member

    I will know for sure when I pick it up this weekend, but sounds like there were some serious issues with the skull. Skin from behind head to tail was perfect but head slippe really bad. I think it had something to do with the nasty rotten chicken that was left in the mouth for close to 2 days.

    I'm still looking for a good replacement head, real or fake just in case this one is beyond repair. Around a 18" skull.

    OutdoorHub Mobile, the information engine of the outdoors.
  5. I should have a head that will work but then again slipping on a gator head is "normal" somewhat. paint or gel coat works well to fix it. I also have some opening for Gator hunts this summer if you know anyone whos interested. Foxy [email protected] is the best way to contact me off list or cell 352 653 5560
  6. Bobbym1232

    Bobbym1232 New Member

    The head is beyond mounting. IMO the tannery just didn't know what they were doing, or just didn't treat it properly. All they did was submerge it in formaldehyde without removing any tissue or meat. It has been airing out for weeks now and it still stinks horribly. Slippage really isn't all that bad, but smell is just aweful. I attempted to cast it, but have run into some issues with that also.

    I saw that Research has repro. croc heads, but not gators.
  7. bubba z

    bubba z New Member

    If they stink like that from what I've seen you will never get the smell out of it. There is chance I'll run across one over 12' I can
    Buy during the season coming up but one that size will cost 250-300 raw
  8. b.carlson

    b.carlson New Member

    hello; try research manniqun, for a 12 ft repo head of a crock, widen the nose, use alot of sculp-all. O.K. i'll stop the chain yanking, even if the head looked totaled, its still an easy fix. use the real head. most of them loose skin and scales when dry and the whole gator or crock should be wire brushed before paint is applied. also always use as little paint as possible. the finished product should look natural not painted. later Bruce Carlson
  9. b.carlson

    b.carlson New Member

    hello again; Bruce Carlson here; I didn't read the part where it stinks, sorry; I'm guessing that you sent it to the tannery to clean and hack out the head. normally this is a mistake, unless they are experenced with fresh gators. most tannerys deal with salted crocks from africa, which are cleaned well enough to get them here, but sometimes they still smell. { fabrease can help after drilling teeth roots from the inside of mouth, and blowing with a strong air stream from your compresser, 100lbs or better. then shoot formaldehyde into the base of the teeth. also the inside of the bottom jaws needs to be cut out. like a long knife blade. almost the lenght of the jaw. then scrape any meat from the hollow which starts wide at the back and narrows to the front of the jaw. yo; got ahead of myself, use a recipricating saw, or a die grinder with a fiberglass cut off wheel to cut the lenght of the bottom jaw, remove the piece of jaw bone, then any meat thats present. next the top jaw, the hollow of the top jaw, is filled with meat, cartelege, and thin bone. this run's all the way to the nose. run the reciprocating saw there and clean out the stuff as best you can. then take a die grinder with a small wire wheel and wire wheel the whole inside of the skull. 2 to 4 inche ones work well. any meat must go. then you can wash the head inside and out with wash laquer thinner. this may take multiple washes. wash, let sit some, blow out, then repeat. before you start finishing the head, you can do a wash with full strenght ferbrease, from wal-mart. this really works, but the cause { the rotten-stinky meat, and the tooth nerves, must be gone.} then you can wash away the lingering smell. Hope this helps, I have done alot of them. later Bruce.