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Importing Wildlife and the Law

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Ken Edwards, May 7, 2012.

  1. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    Imagine if a novice taxidermy enthusiast from the United States is surfing the internet and sees a forum posting offering exotic skulls from Africa. Excited at the thought of adding something truly unique to his collection, he responds to the seller, strikes a deal, and a few weeks later a package arrives at his door. Unfortunately, without even being aware of it, he may have just stepped into the worst trouble of his life. He could face huge fines, jail time, and a felony criminal record as an illegal wildlife smuggler.

    Want to know how to protect yourself? Read the "Importing Wildlife and the Law" article in "Ken's Corner" blog at http://www.taxidermy.net/ken/?p=449
  2. Eva

    Eva Member

    Does anyone have any clues on export info for not wildlife/domestic items that are dead out of the United States. I am thinking specifically on skulls and bones. I suspect 'meat' items would fall under additional regs, from what I have seen. I have read in some places that law is different for domestic animal items like chicken, pig, cow, etc. I'd like to know what the export rules are on such things and what animals exactly might be included in the list of domestics. Also, are we in the United States a bird flu country does anyone know? I have been trying to search out this info online but have not had much luck. If someone who has a clue could point me in the right direction, it would help. Thank you!

  3. mjvaden

    mjvaden New Member

    domestic animals are not protected or considered wildlife. Eva what you need to do is look on the edecs site that is in kens post and find your closest port of entry for fish and wildlife and give them a call. they should be able to explane it to you.

  4. exoticswan

    exoticswan Jessy Riley

    meat has to go through U.S. Department of Agriculture go to www.usda.gov for more info
  5. exoticswan

    exoticswan Jessy Riley

    call the fish and wildlife service and ask them be specific on what you want to exactly and as goosehtt said using a broker is the best idea
    fws 1-800-344-9453
  6. Dogsteaks

    Dogsteaks New Member

    When I was new to all of this, I was almost tricked into purchasing some sort of animal skull from an eBay seller in Africa. I asked around taxi friends and was told not to do so. So glad I never fell for that BS.

    Anyways, here is some valuable info to whoever was asking about exporting:

    I would strongly suggest contacting CITES and asking them what would be needed to export/import, they will be able to tell you what appendix that animal falls under and what documents would be necessary for it. If it comes back later and bites you in the ass, you can at least have a government email stating that it was okay.. and that might be able to help you a bit.

    I've heard of people getting reamed by customs over rabbit pelts and fox tails before, they do not mess around. (Not sure what the story was about the rabbit pelts)
  7. exoticswan

    exoticswan Jessy Riley

    for those of you in the usa FWS http://www.fws.gov would be fine you do need to contact the department of agriculture http://www.usda.gov if your buying anything raw
    they don't always give you a strait answer in emails (just to cover themselves) so carefully read what they reply
    for those of you that want to see what level the animal is you can look it up here http://www.iucnredlist.org/

    And please do all this before you order from over seas