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incision on head

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by jmdu, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. jmdu

    jmdu New Member

    Wondering what incision made on the head is best when using the natural head? I have never done a bird with the natural head and was just wanting some input. thanks
  2. Warren Stutesman

    Warren Stutesman New Member

    It would depend on the bird for me but i almost never cut the head when using real head. Usually turn inside out. Maybe witj type of bird and pose i could give more help

  3. jmdu

    jmdu New Member

    Do you cut around the bill like you would if you were using artificial? or do i skin just past the eyes?
  4. daniel

    daniel New Member

    yes you skin past the eye,s to the bill :)
  5. Tom Parish

    Tom Parish New Member

    If I read this correctly, you are inverting all your duck heads? Hmmm, I only thought merg's could be done like that. Anyway, fastest and easiest way on a duck hear is to skin from the bill, back. You can easily clean the skull up then, if I read this wrong, my appologies.
  6. scpol

    scpol Wholesale Bird Taxidermy....Fan of Mike & Harry

    I use fake heads mostly. A lot easier. If your going to use the real head, skin the
    same way as for an artificial, around the bill. Skin all the way to the neck, and cut
    the head off. Now you can clean and rebuild it and have it painted and ready to go.
    Make sure you get the head very clean, or in a couple of weeks you'll be wonder what that greasey crap coming out of the belly incision is. Scott Olson
    Lakeland Taxidermy
  7. Warren Stutesman

    Warren Stutesman New Member

    If using real head you do not cut around bill or beak . You come from the back by turning inside out. If you need to cut a hole as some heads do not turn then i usually cut the bneck as i find it easier to repair. Clean ,fill with clay , turn right side out and mount.
  8. Pat-M

    Pat-M New Member

    jmanaer,,, what kind of bird? Duck? Pheasant?

    It'll make a difference.

  9. jmdu

    jmdu New Member

    PAT-M there is no particular bird just thinking of trying it.Looks like alot of trouble but sometimes i think real looks better.
  10. duckdock

    duckdock New Member

    I use the real head on all of my birds, with the exception of canada geese. I never use an incision, I use Dave Luke's method of inverting the head. It doesn't matter what kind of bird, I will go through the process briefly. First remove the tongue, I usually just pull it out with a pair of hemostats, then you take a pair of slim scissors and cut the lower mandible loose at the ear and then cut it again just before the feathers end and the bottom of the bill starts. You then go back to the hemostats and pull the bone you just cut loose out and any other meat that will come with it. You keep removing meat and bone until you can safely invert the head. If you try and it won't go don't force it, remove more meat and try again. It would be a good idea to practise with an old bird just to get the feel for it.
  11. Pat-M

    Pat-M New Member

    jmaner, if you ask ten guys/gals how to do something chances are you'll get ten different answers. All good answers, especially in this Forum.

    I'm with Tom Parish, although duckdocks way sounds interesting. I like using the real heads and I don't make an incision. Ducks / Geese I skin from the Bill back, except merganzers. They're the only duck you can skin down the neck and continue over the head on down to and just short of the beak, keeping the beak and hide attached.

    I've never done upland birds (yest) so I can't comment there.

    Oh well, that's what I like to do.

    Enjoy, and good luck

  12. finfeathr

    finfeathr Member

    I use the real head on all birds, and when I have to, I will make an incision on the underside of the head. I find it only takes about 10-15 mins. to sew up without anyone noticing the incision. Also, I have found over the years several species that can be inverted without an incision....Mergansers,Oldsquaw,Ruddys, some, but not all woodducks...once I got a goldeneye to invert also, but havent been able to again....Rich