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My first mount - Whitetail (still drying)

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Rackmastr, May 16, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to share a few pics of a whitetail I just put together yesterday.

    This is the first buck I've mounted on my own (100% by myself with no instructor there). I was taught well by an excellent teacher and it felt 'different' doing work without him checking on it, advising, etc. This is my 4th mount overall and the first one I've done in my own garage and not in his 'shop'.

    There area few things that I'd change for next time, and I learned a lot along the way. I tried a few things out and overall am happy with the mount. This is a set of sheds I've had for years and decided to try mounting them up. Next up is a mule deer!

    Needs to dry and get finish work completed. Eyes look a bit weird as some dark pigment really stands out and you'll have to excuse the eyes/nose/etc that will be finished when dried. I pinned the bottom lip as my lip slot was a bit big, but honestly dont think I needed them, just got a bit paranoid as this is the first one I've mounted myself and didnt want it moving while it was drying.

    Would love any comments, suggestions, etc. Ear butts gave me a bit of grief and I'm not sure if my eyes are quite 'open' the way I wanted them, but overall it was a good learning process. Since this picture was taken I've raised up the ear butt on the right side of the head as it seemed a bit low, and have made it a little more 'subtle'.



  2. bzb_1

    bzb_1 New Member

    I would be proud of it. Looks like you are well on your way.

  3. kendall1987

    kendall1987 New Member

    Looks pretty good for starting out.Looks like the nose pad needs adjusting as the white hair in the middle part of the nosepad,should be on inside the nose.White throat patch is a little off.Are you using earliners?They look good but be sure to card them.Looks like the right eye lash should be pointed down to a bit more of an angle.Overall not to shabby.
  4. Yep, using earliners. I haven't carded in the past but I can give it a try to see what type of different look it helps me get.

    My lashes started turning on me, I adjusted the best I could while drying. Thanks!

    Appreciate the comments..a learning process for sure!

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  5. tt

    tt Licensed Taxidermist,Hunter,Trapper,and Fur Bearer

    I think all has been mentioned, not bad. The only thing i have to add is is there a bottom lip (under the nose) I can't tell.
  6. Theres not, and only due to the fact that the amount of bottom lip I had was very minimal for tucking purposes. I'll rebuild the bottom lip with Apoxy Sculpt and paint accordingly to have the bottom lip effect.

    Thanks for the comment. All of them are appreciated!
  7. kendall1987

    kendall1987 New Member

    Good idea,I always
    Tuck my whole
    Bottom lip then rebuild with epoxy, makes for a prettier bottom lip anyways
  8. Thats what I found with one of my other mounts while learning with my instructor. It made things look very clean and I didnt find myself trying to position the bottom lip or make it look 'full' as I could replicate with Apoxy Sculpt.

    Thanks again guys....this stuff is ADDICTING.
  9. bearrug48

    bearrug48 New Member

    You are off to a great start. keep it up.
  10. tem

    tem Active Member

    i saw a taxi guy tuck the bottom lip in and just paint a little black on the hair under the noise. couldn't tell till you got close.didn't like it.
  11. ingramback2life

    ingramback2life New Member

    Looks to me like way too much clay for the ear butt.
  12. Yep I noticed that after I took the pics and adjusted the right ear as there was way too much in the bottom of the ear butt. I've got it looking a lot better now and not nearly as big and bulky as before. Got a bit carried away and once I took the pics I realized how big that one was. Thanks!