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Finally! Took Pictures of the Replicas

Discussion in 'Molding and Casting' started by trophy time, May 16, 2012.

  1. trophy time

    trophy time " Preserving a lifetime of memories since 1990 "

    I finally had some time to take pictures of the two replicas that I had taken to the Minnesota taxidermy show.

  2. Both nice ! That first one resembles the Milo Hanson buck?? Sweet!

  3. trophy time

    trophy time " Preserving a lifetime of memories since 1990 "

    It's the Kansas King.
  4. King is right........... do you know the score???
  5. Cory

    Cory Keep an eye on quality!

    Being from Kansas, if I am right, the Kansas King antlers were sheds from a buck that were found. The buck on the hoof was never killed. Also, if memory serves, some of the tines on the sheds were chewed off/on and were re-built using trail cam pics. That is, if memory serves, I have slept and had beer since then. ;D
  6. trophy time

    trophy time " Preserving a lifetime of memories since 1990 "

    Kansas Kings score is 217". The reproductions sell for $450.00 if anyone is interested I can pour and paint one up for you. They sure make a nice attention grabber in the showroom, the clients that come into my shop are drawn right into it.

    Cory, yes they were found as sheds
  7. Bryan@localline2.com

    Bryan@localline2.com New Member

    I use to do work for the guy who origanally owned the Kings, Prince, World record eight point sheds and the World record six point sheds. He sold the originals to Bass Pro and Cabala's. One of the G2 on the Kings is rebuild and a brow so the Prince sold buy McKenzie is rebuild also same points. North American Whitetail did and article on the Kings but, I don't remember the date.
    $450 is a good buy for anyone looking for a good King replica out of a 1st generation mold! Bass Pro and Cabala's are not going to let the originals back out the door for just anyone to remold the originals, just so they can have a mold and sell them! I have seen a replica out of 3rd generation mold and I am not sure who made it, looked noticeably smaller than a copy out of a origanal mold!