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European skull mount (wild boar) need help!!!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by gray ghost, May 16, 2012.

  1. gray ghost

    gray ghost New Member

    I just got done bleaching 4 pig skulls and they didn't come out nice and white. I used the volume 40 clairoxide with clairol basic white extra strength powder lightener. This is the same stuff that I use for deer skulls and they look better........ The tusks didn't bleach out nice ether. There are grayish looking spots on the skulls. Should I bleach them again??????
  2. tt

    tt Licensed Taxidermist,Hunter,Trapper,and Fur Bearer

    Put in the skull section. Also take pics so we can see the "spots" you are talking about. I can't rely say but might need to degrease more, boars take awhile.

  3. JVM3Long

    JVM3Long New Member

    drill the brian cavitiy just the first one layer not the 2nd and next to the moulers with a qurter inch drill that allows you to get to the grease that you still see after you have bleach them and next something little that might help you it does for us is soak them in a tub with dawn dish soap and water for a week helps when you boil..trust me we do a lot of hog euros. josh
  4. theres a small hole on the inside of the lower jaw . look from the rear of the jaw and you will see them , drill at a slant toward the fount as far as 2 inches or so , dont worry about the holes they are not seen after your mounted , then as Josh had said drill under the brain cavety though the cavity though the first layer of scull plate and stop, the top plate will be about 1/4 on the other side . there is alot of crap in there that will come out when you boil. after you boil in baking soada or soada ash , pull the front teath out and use a air nossel to blow the meat and slim out of the frount upper and lower jaw s . oh for got also drill 4 holes along side the top mollers and do blow that out also . get laquer thinner 5 gal. pour into a sealable bucket drop your skulls in and soak for 3-5 days take out blow dry and see the world in a differant way set in the sun for a day bleach and collect the money this message was a gift not from me But from Michael P most of this came from him im just lazzy and did it just a little diferant but if it works for a lazy guy like me than it should for you mark c a specal thanks to Mike P
  5. I might sound like a redneck, but...the best way I found to do hog heads is bury them about 2 or 3 feet down, for about 6 months then dig them up and bleach them out and then soak in baking soda and water. They come out bright white and clean. I guess the sand pulls all the grease out.I've done them like this for years and never had one change colors,I never heard of "degreacing" tell I started reading on here.
  6. I guess thas fine if your doing the skulls for a customer who will wait for a year to get his euro back. My problem is that my wholesale customers expect theres back in 90 days , retail is ok but I dont care for stupid people coming around my shop. Thats the reason i do wholesale , its fast its easy and its dam great money . the way your doing it sounds like it works good and yes you correct about he sand it has a small amount of lime in it thats why it works good but im sticking with the easy way ,mark c
  7. gray ghost

    gray ghost New Member

    Bleaching the skull for the second time didn't make it look any better. I called my taxidermy school and they said that i probably cooked the grease into the skull and that there is no way to get it out now. They said i could take some flat white spray paint and paint them. Will this work?????
  8. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    Did you try degreasing the way JVM and Mark suggested? You CAN get all the grease out; it will just take awhile. Do what they say and it will whiten. Don't waste money whitening it again until all the grease is out. As for burying it, Thefishen1, you are lucky. I have had many people bring in skulls they had buried only to dig it up and find parts of the skull rotted away. I have to rebuild them with apoxy and try to find teeth to replace ones that are broken or rotted. I wouldn't recommend burying skulls.
  9. No burrying skulls but he defintly needs to do a few months of degreasing on the hog
  10. my dear friend the grease WILL come out the laquer thinner is the answer , dont worry it works and it takes about a week it the bucket to get the grease out it will not hurt the bone , when you take it out put it in the sun for a couple of hours or the air hose for quick inspection the laquer dry very fast with high pressure ait thats how you will know its done or stick it back in the bucket , i do to meany of them to screw around , time = $$ in my pocket mark c