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1st deer mount please critique

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by bassman9178, May 21, 2012.

  1. bassman9178

    bassman9178 New Member

    this is my 1st mount. after looking at some other pictures i do see some flaws. but would like public opinion so i can improve

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  2. Where is the earbutt muscle? Looks like you just sewed up the cape and left the ears wherever they ended up.

  3. Andysmith

    Andysmith Member

    im not a pro by any means and there are other on here that can help you way more than me. tuck the lip more. no wider than the nose. i would say ear butts need to be moved up and need a little more clay. not to bad really though! keep it up!
  4. Few things I see is the left eye is looks like its coated more than the right u have the white on the right eye showing way to much on the front of the eye the lip line does need tucked more the ear butts need a lot more clay and muscle tone get more reference and Rick carters dvd
  5. bassman9178

    bassman9178 New Member

    thanks for the help, i did have some trouble with the ears. one of them slipped after i sewed it up and i couldnt get it back in place very well. the eyes were some new eye that had the white in the front to wher the deer was looking and the one on the right side was supposed to have the white in the back. the problem that i have, is that i cant find any good pics of a deer eye, and theones that i can find dont show any white at all. is this a commercialized way of selling an eye or am i not getting something. the ears are almost like the way the deer looked when he came directly under my stand. thanks for all you guys help. it will help me in the future.