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east coast

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by jimcline25, May 22, 2012.

  1. jimcline25

    jimcline25 New Member

    I know they are another post on here about east coast. I know they are busy and a good tannery but a talked to them a few weeks ago and they said they was almost done with my hides but i have not heard from them since or been able to
    reach them. I sent my hides in Dec and first of January. They said it would be around 12 week turn around time and its been almost double that now. I was just wondering has anyone got anything back from them lately.
  2. I got back a bunch of bears back about 2 weeks ago, still waiting on a few hides. they were all sent down there by the middle of december. Joe and Eric do a great job, and as far as im concerned a little extra time getting them back is worth the quality, and worth me not having to muscle around those bruins.


    BIGLAWE New Member

    I agree with you Brian 100% but they need to stay intouch with there customers, im just hoping i will recieve my hides back i have only talked to them one time since December and havent been able to reach them since. But on the other side they do great work and have a very nice tan so im just hopeing to recieve them