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Wolf-Fish Skulls (Anarhichas lupus)

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Jean-Christophe, May 23, 2012.

  1. Wouter

    Wouter Member

    Great work once again JC :)
    I never dared to take on a fish skull so far, but seeing your work is very inspiring, maybe I should give it a try once :eek:. At my uni we have a wolf-fish skull which is very greasy, were yours difficult to degrease? I was also wondering, do you macerate them in one piece, or do you keep the right and left sides of the skull separated?

  2. Thanks Wouter !
    No, wolf fish are not very hard to degrease but they have some nice grease quantity hidden in bones. I've seen pictures of wolf-fish with lots of brown grease running off the skull.
    Yes I macerated them in one piece. But If you're not sure of you, separate right and left sides. Not really difficult to deal with them. Will help if need. Remove gills and tongue if you don't care of it, less bones and this part has a lot of tiny teeth you don't need.
    Things you have to know are infra-orbital bones float, so it's easy to lose some of them ; second is that neurocranium must stay in not more than 5 pieces. Neurocranium itself plus 4 bones that separate while maceration but easy to put back.

  3. Vkvz

    Vkvz New Member

    Fantastic work as usual!! Those teeth look incredible! Really glad you sent me one since it's a species I've been wanting to work on for a long time. It's currently degreasing, and seems to be quite greasy indeed, but it's going along nicely :)
    Started to work on the hake and gurnard by the way ;)
  4. Thanks Vkvz !
    Waiting forward for that :)
  5. Absolutely beautiful, I wish i could get a hold of one of those, my big barracuda head is waiting in the freezer for me to be able to afford to lay in a supply of acetone and peroxide before I macerate it.
  6. Well done!
  7. Thanks !
    sidewinder81777, make sure to test those chemicals before to get experience with it. You should need around 4 liters of acetone (1.056 gallon said the converter), 2 baths with 2 liters and one H2O2 little bottle for your big barracuda.
  8. what % H2O2 do you use?
  9. I mostly use 9% (30 volume) but diluted like half bottle in 2 liters. Others here use sometimes some very much stronger if you search for BO (around 45% and quite dangerous). Low concentration do the whitening work, just wait some days to a week or 2.
  10. aboutpostal

    aboutpostal Member

    awsome work
  11. rednkhuntertd

    rednkhuntertd New Member

    Those are some pretty gnarly looking teeth wow. Thank you for sharing this great specimen.