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Giving it one last season

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Hedhuntr, May 27, 2012.

  1. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    How many retired farmers do you know? Most never retire because they are neck deep in debt. If farming is such a windfall, where is Donald Trumps farm? A farmer spending only 7 hours a year working is doomed for failure. I am a landowner. I rent out most of my land, except for 40 acres that my father-in-law and I plant beans on, just because he's 88 and needs something to do. Last years subsidy on that 40 acres...$857.00. Put together a budget for ANY crop...corn, beans, cotton, and try to make it work out on paper...by the time you purchase equipment, pay land rent, and operating costs, there isn't much, if any left over. The only reason we make anything, is because we farm with junk....

  2. Hedhuntr

    Hedhuntr Member

    I wish my mowers had a climate controlled cab, lights and the ability to cut grass at night, away from the kids and wife LOL


    DROPPINEM New Member

    Hedhuntr-Are you a full service shop?
  4. Any farmer, where I'm at in Illinois, is a millionaire if he ownes around 100 acres. Land here is going for between $9000-14000/ acre. They are getting around $6.5 for corn and up to $12 for beans. Yields are the highest they been thanks to advanced seed and gps mapping of fields to determine areas deficient in nutrients and better planting. Thanks to all the ethanol plants being built they don't have to store corn and trucking to market is cut way down. It all adds up to huge profits.

    I won't comment on how hard they work but will say the new equipment is nothing like grandpa used.
  5. sportsmen wildlife

    sportsmen wildlife New Member

    I guess farming is different in many different area's, and what the term "farming" is also world's apart. Most farm's around here have 200 to 300 head of cattle(dairy or beef) on the main farm and then they lease many thousand's of acre's for corn,bean's,wheat and silage or hay for feed or for sale. I'm not sure I could picture a farmer watching t.v. in the air condition while running a combine. It just stick's in my craw to say all farmer's are lazy. If you have ever picked up 1000 bale's of hay in 100 degree temp's it would stick in yours to.
  6. franchi612

    franchi612 New Member

    then why are you a taxidermist? Why aren't you just farming if it is so easy? 7 days a year, make millions,and live off the govt. yanno, no one says you HAVE to take govt subsidies just like you don't have to get welfare and food stamps. I'm thinking the farmers I know must not get all these subsidies you talk about because I know a guy that farms 20,000 acres and he is losing his backside. And I have two ethanol plants within 15 miles of me.
  7. Shawn Bakken

    Shawn Bakken New Member

    I live 15 miles from Smitty's inc.....I was born and raised here and have many friends, neighbors, and clients that are farmers and these people work a hell of a lot more that 7 days/ year. These people are also some of the hardest working people I know!!!!!!!!! The grass is always greener.....it also seems to be too much of he gets more than me in the country. I enjoy being a taxidermist and will never be a rich man because of it, but I will guarantee the farmers I know work a hell of a lot harder 7 days a week than I do !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hedhuntr

    Hedhuntr Member

    Not to drag this post out but when its-a-bailin time the farmers around here are all out picking up street corner labor (we all know what that is) for 8 bucks an hour. Besides like Illinois most of the farmers I know put their land in what Jersey calls farm land preservation and they get big checks over so many years with the stipulation that they can never build over the contract time frame BUT THEY CAN STILL FARM IT!. Look at this and see why my area is soooooooooo expensive to live where i live. Go to page 81 http://www.nj.gov/agriculture/sadc/home/genpub/Upper%20Freehold%20Monmouth.pdf
  9. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    I wish I could move a couple hundred acres to New Jersey! That's awesome for landowners who are being squeezed out by urban sprawl!