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ideas on a bobcat wall mount

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by ThomasSwanson88, May 29, 2012.

  1. I was recently given a mounted bobcat. Its a wall mount right now with eyes claws and mouthall open... its stiff as a board. and the mouth of this animals is fuiiled with black resin or hardening agent. My questions are, 1. can i soften this hide. and 2. is there a way to fix the mouth without damage to the head?
  2. Can't seem to picture this one. Do you have any pics to post?

  3. i do have a few but i cant post them they are to big... need em to be 128kb and there bigger... im new to the forum and not sure how to post em...any help would be appreciated
  4. upload them to photobucket.com and post them from there.
  5. heres on i hope it works.

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  6. wrong one
  7. lets try these.

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  8. think this one will work

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  9. theres a few that i have... looks good on the wall. just kinda freaked out by the mouth and how hard the skin is...?
  10. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Not to make fun but it looks like a severe case of mouth cancer or just finished off a pound of chocolate. If that is some sort of epoxy, it may be impossible to soften. I'm sure from the looks of it its very old, may make it worse trying to fix it. Could be possible to cut out the jawset and replace then rebuild the gum line, hard to tell.
  11. Mountainman Vic

    Mountainman Vic New Member

    Go get a new cat and strat over