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Fast, easy tine repair

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by jorgy, May 31, 2012.

  1. jorgy

    jorgy New Member

    I have only done a few of these and I'm sure there are better methods of doing it. It is super easy and fast and easy to blend the colors.

    First step I do is put a very thin coat of vaseline over a tine that is like the one I want to repair. Then I mix 100% silicone with xylol to thin it. Put a thin coat over the tine that is like the one you want to build. If the one your replacing is broken off at the main beam put a coat out onto the beam of the one you are casting so you have a way to attach it to the beam.

    Once that is dry put a nice heavy coat or two on to make a mold of the tine.

    Now you need to pull your mold off of your tine and attach it to the area your going to repair. I put a small amount of silicone on the base to help seal it. You can either tape the mold on or use cable ties, which is really easy if it is only part of a tine you are doing.



    Now split the top of the mold about an inch. Mix up smooth cast 320 and pour it in.

    Let it set and peel it off.


    I like to color with thinned acrylics
  2. big dan

    big dan Member

    Do you ever put in any threaded rod for extra strength?

  3. jorgy

    jorgy New Member

    You can add wire and rod if you want, but on a tine I drill down into the beam to let the resin run down in the hole to give it an anchor so to speak. You can put a lot of force on them when done without them breaking.

    They don't put a wire framework inside of reproduction antlers either.
  4. jorgy

    jorgy New Member

    Im sure there are folks on here that have perfected this method. I know it is far faster than using bondo and epoxy. I have less than 15 minutes in that tine prior to coloring it.

    I didnt get pictures on that one but I just cast the one on the opposite side. You can bend the mold a little after pouring resin and hold it until it kicks. Just dont want to bend it too much or you will see some funny ridges in them.