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Much work one project.

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by John C, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Not my fight, but this shows it pretty clear.....

  2. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    Doh! Thanks, 'nmtaxi' ... I even have that same skeleton in my files and forgot all about him!

    I was only thinking of a Lioness - "in the round" - laying 'square'. Thanks for the memory jolt! ;)

  3. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    I checked out some pictures of the Lion Taxidermist King, Ray Mr. Lion Hatfield's work and he too shows the ribs pretty far back. I think Ray has probably mounted more lions than anybody, so taking a gander at his surely would help is some of the deciphering also.
  4. Love the pics proves who really knows and who needs to go back to reference
  5. mislynx

    mislynx Active Member

    Nope I've seen 100s of pics. I'm saying you would not see the deep lines like that , you don't see them in Johns 9 1/2 month old lion or the old lion he posted and what a surprise you can see ribs on a skeleton that shows where they are not what is on the outside with all the muscle,fat, air and skin of a mount or live animal this is just something taxidermist do, put ribs on it. I don't mine ribs in a mount in the right place. John keep looking for a pic to show me if you can. I'm just trying to make my taxidermy as good as I can.
    Do you think that would past at the world show?
  6. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Lioness&view=detail&id=FA5E0E49536F625804AA798672E74AF5A6E0EF7F&first=31&FORM=IDFRIR





    I feel the ribs are in the right place on the mount. Out of the hundreds of pics on the internet few are of wild lions, most are zoo pics, cats are fat. There is very very little muscle or fat over the ribs. There are places where the cats are fat but its not over the ribs.

    Never say never in nature. There is always a wide range of what can be correct in any animal. Just like people cats are short, long, skinny and fat and anywhere in between. Fish are Deer are, bobcats are, everything every living animal in nature has a huge area of variables.
  7. spk1142

    spk1142 Member

    mislynx, We made the eyes after ordering without painted pupils. Can't understand all the bickering about ribs on the lioness. We had many reference pictures and she is lying FLAT on her belly which would push the ribs out some. Anyway we'll find out at the Nationals.
  8. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Yes and no. Depends on who's 'opinion' is judging that day, you see, an award is just an opinion of the individual judge and if he likes ribs showing then yes, it would pass..... if he didn't then no it would not.

    Just like rolls/wrinkles on a deer neck, for every reference photo you show without them you can find one with them..... it all depends on which side of the fence your mindset falls on.
  9. mislynx

    mislynx Active Member

    Not one of your pics show it like you have it. Michael p you are right about the opinion they better take their pics for the judge Good Luck at Nationals
  10. lynx, its not what you like, its what we like. Do I think it would place at the WTC. yes I do. I have competed enough to know a good mount from a poor mount.
    I have also judged more than a few shows. but I know where the lion stands on points, if the judge were to look at the reference pics we have..

    Are African lions long hair or short hair, are the fat or are they thin? They vary just like house cats and people. Hell I am fat and Cornflakes is not. I like the cat and you dont so be it. Your opinionalong with $6.00 will buy you a happy meal at Mc Donalds!

    Now before I say anything else, where is a pic of your work?

    I want to also say step up and use your name.

    Go to all the big studio websites and look at those lions.

    Matter of fact look at the lions on many of those sites from Africa!

    each person that judges generally knows what a good mount is, Well I know enough to not put the mount in the masters and I know from the last few NTA and WTC shows this piece would do well.

    You should see the lifesize elephant we have ready to finish the seam work on!


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  11. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    Nope ... you're not worth the effort ... or my time.
  12. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I would agree that the photos show the ribs, but the forms are not always right. Forms can be corrected, don't trust them if you are compeating.
  13. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Nice work guys! Thanks for sharing the progress, hope to see some finished pics as well!!
  14. mislynx

    mislynx Active Member

    I never said I didn't like it i just thought the rib placement was off sorry Who I am shouldn't matter at all I can still have a opinion that you could learn from if it made just a few people on here go look to see if they are like that it worked and I think it did just that.
  15. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Your not alone, the rib placement on the form is off, not even close to the photos. But the world still turns, no big deal, it is just commercial taxidermy, not competition.