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Stag ped

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Nyati, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Nyati

    Nyati I love tahr huntin

    Here's a client peice that went out not long ago

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  2. Nyati

    Nyati I love tahr huntin


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  3. old guy

    old guy Member

    As I never did,,or do Exotics ,,Is this a non-typical Stag,,if there is such a thing,,or would it just be classified as a nice dam rack with drop tines,,I'm sorry,,little ignorant on this beautiful animal
  4. ryan rhodes

    ryan rhodes Active Member

    That thing is a slob! beautiful mount!
  5. cattrax

    cattrax Beats being in the shop!

    Nice Mark!
  6. Daniel M.

    Daniel M. Tongo, the best dog in the world. (Saarloos)

    That piece is incredible!!! Great work Mr. Mark, you have a real talent, especially on those stags ;D
  7. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    Nice stuff Mark
  8. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    very nice job
  9. jt

    jt Member

    Very nice!
  10. Yes looks very nice indeed.
  11. double shovel

    double shovel SilverWillowTaxidermy

    very nice mount Mark.

  12. zmia

    zmia ozzie, ozzie, ozzie........

    That red looks mad nyati, well done indeed!
  13. Ron1949

    Ron1949 Member

    Very nice mount! Ron
  14. Nyati

    Nyati I love tahr huntin

    Thanks for all the nice comments
  15. Great job mate
  16. looks great Mark. Cheers Warren