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Customers who lie...

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by double barrel, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    I know ya'll ain't gonna believe this but some customers will tell you a lie once in a while. " I shot the deer running , at 500 yards, with a B.B. gun." LOL! I was working with a guy one time when he said, "They killed a rattlesnake on a military base, that was 150 feet long." I think I replied with,"damn Johnny, that's a big un." "It took 50 men elbow to elbow to pick that snake up. Now I saw that with my own eyes." Where did that saying come from? How else would you see something except with your "own eyes?"
    Now if you could believe the first part, a snake that long, can you imagine visualizing the second part? "OK guys, line up about 3 feet apart, on the count of 3, let's all lift up and we'll pick this bugger up."LOL! OK, now what we gonna do wid it? LOL!
    Any body got any good customer lies to share? How bout, "the checks in the mail" or , "I'll be there Friday." Somebody's got to have one.
  2. fozziebear

    fozziebear Active Member

    Nothing uncommon but I get a TON of 120" 140" 's , in other words they were 140" when they dropped it off but during the drying period it must have shrunk up 20" ::)

  3. BillFromPa

    BillFromPa Active Member

    LOL, Foz, thats why I dont measure deer anymore. I used to do it for all my customers, it just got to the point were it would turn into an argument. They could not understand why you couldnt use a metal tape measure for scoring and just because the score sheet asks for the tip to tip measurement doesnt mean it gets added to the total. LOL
  4. idbatman

    idbatman Active Member

    I was doing a bunch of elk for a ranch here in the valley. They would bring in the elk and client ... usually drinking....... to the shop. As I was doing the paper work they would rough score the rack with the guy . They had this tape .....a plastic sewing tape they used . It had been streched so an inch and a quarter on the tape was actually less than an inch. The TAPE NEVER LIES.
  5. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    If they have a MasterCard or Visa the snake story is true in my shop.
  6. Yep get some duzzies some time. Just listen and smile collect their $$. And keep your Thoth's to yourself. Cause i know your thinking dumbass. lol
    Just last week i had a guy telling me how much he hates coyotes because, his buddy got jerked off his motorcycle by a LONE COYOTE and mauled .
    I am still trying to imagine a Harley running 60mph and a yote catching up with it.
  7. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    I used to have an old trapper stop by on occasion, with skunk pelts to sell. Now and then he'd have something else, but they were never worth anything to me. He just couldn't grasp the idea that "taxidermy skins" had to prepped a "little" differently than what he put up for the fur market. He must have been the greatest trapper that there ever was........He was always telling me about ALL the 60 pound bobcats and 85 pound coyotes that he trapped. Sounded like he left the "little ones" for the other trappers. He had some pretty good stories, but you never knew where the truth stopped and the BS began.
  8. I've thought I should start charging for fish based on the length the client tells me it is. They always seem to shrink when they hit my measuring board. I've had it get as far fetched as six inches shorter from the story to the measuring board. I just don't understand the thinking behind it. The longer it is, the more it cost, and do they think I'm not going to measure this thing?
  9. slater56

    slater56 Member

    I have a coworker that is a pathological liar, I could write a book with the stories this guy has told over the years. We were talking about turkey hunting one day and he goes on to tell me that while golfing one day a turkey entered the fairway he was on. The turkey was about 300 yards out and this guy said that he was going to hit this bird. He tee's his ball, makes the shot and kills the turkey. At 300 yards! amazing one shot one kill, no holes to sew. Watch out Tiger!
  10. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    While, this isn't a "lie"........I once had a client go out to his truck and get his OWN tape measure,to measure his fish. It was a 51 1/2" muskie that he had laying on a board in his freezer for three days. When he caught it, HIS tape said 54", but the "shrinkage" was more than he thought it should be..........Needless to say, his tape measured it exactly the same as mine! I did offer to "charge" him for a 54" if he insisted, but he declined.
  11. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    When they come in frozen and wrapped up that is usually how I write up the receipt. 95% of the time they measure up shorter with my tape measure. They should leave the BSing for their buddies. I have had them try the other way though. If I suspect this I inform them that I will measure it when it is thawed and they will be charged accordingly. 3bears
  12. roundyracer

    roundyracer been to the mountain and seen the elephant.usmc 68

    Sometimes when I figure out a price shopper and BSeeeeetttttter,I just get down in the dirt with them,as I'm looking for better customers.When I hear the weight of some fish ,I just give em the story of my catch which is the picture weighted 5 pounds.
  13. Same here Bill! Got away from it to avoid the hassle of it all.
  14. tomdes

    tomdes Me my dear and Fall BAZZ!!!

    It isn't a lie if you believe it...
  15. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    I have seen that with my own eyes.
  16. trappersteph

    trappersteph now you can have it...

    The 80 pound coyote that probably only weighed 50, the male bear that was HUGE and the bear I have from him is a female and not quite so huge. Oh and he thought it best to put a fresh killed raccoon in a cooler- with no ice. Goofiest customer I've ever had, and haven't heard from him since 2008 and I am stuck with that bear and a rack of tanned furs.
  17. kikkertinz

    kikkertinz Glass half full

    What about when they show up to pick-up and they have a buddy or a spouse along, they dont say a damn word hardly.