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Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by jasonscustom taxidermy, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. down like first pictures

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  2. up like 2nd pictures

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  3. either way

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  4. hate it either way

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  5. dont have a clue

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  6. last picture

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  1. Just mounted still wet. Customer insisted on the ears be exactlly how they are.Even came into the shop during to oversee.

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  2. Love the cat..........too bad about the ears (just not my preference)

  3. The ears are not my preference either,customer insisted on being here for the face and wanted it exactly like he remembered it and thats how he wanted it.I even showed him a ton of pics and tried to pursued him otherwize to no evail.
  4. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    Ears in that pose are indicative of a determined animal, who is about to pounce! They're fine ... and natural. Just pray it isn't a windy when it is picked up! Remember 'Dumbo'? LOL!

    Seriously ... if it is still wet enough, try to give the toes more shape. Right now they're just little balls without much definition. The right front foot is not too bad, but the other three need attention.
  5. Thanks John,for the heads up, but I took the pic before I carded and roped and pinned everything.
  6. Well you all are about to be shocked(ya right) customer wanted the ears changed again.pictures to follow.
  7. In the consulting business, that would be considered "out of scope work" and would require a "change order". With him being that specific about the ear position, be sure to charge him for the change.
  8. Yes sir,I charge for everything.
  9. Nice looking mount by the way!!!

    You gotta love the customers that say - here's basically how I want it, make it look good. I hate when they get real picky about the details. So many times you really don't know whats going to look good until you have started mounting it and start seeing the personality of the mount take shape. That's the way it is for me anyway.

    I just re-read your first post. Pretty funny that he was so set on the ears that he came to the shop to "supervise", then completely changes his mind. Ears up now?
  10. you guessd' it
  11. I'll be the whole time you were mounting it you were thinking "this thing would look better with the ears up". ;D
  12. ears up

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  13. Nice!!! I like it.
  14. Looks better now!
  15. Well after all the aggravation with thisw cat.I want to have some fun so lets have a preference commenting crew.
    Which one do you prefer ears up or down for this pose?
  16. Well guess what he changed his mind on the ears again!!!!4th time now.

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  17. nofiveo

    nofiveo Active Member

    Not to put down your work, but that cat has the same look as a puppy that just got scolded for peeing on the floor. Nice cat, but talk him into putting the ears back up. Sad to see such a powerful animal portrayed as meek. JMO.
  18. Time flies. I called this one hell cat. Whew have I got alot better since then.
  19. sgsmith

    sgsmith Member

    up position
  20. You've never seen a lion treed before have you.
    I've treed hundreds of lions and they all keep their ears back while they are treed. No matter if they are snarling (open mouth) or have their mouth closed, they will have their ears back.

    Cut out some foam and replace it with clay so you can set the ears a bit lower in the form so you don't get that dumbo look.

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