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superglue on teeth and breaking a hide

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Venuswolf, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Venuswolf

    Venuswolf New Member

    This was my first project for a European (an animal, probably cat, stole the first one lol), and what a doozy. I was working on a squirrel skull, and used ultrabond superglue that contains Cyanoacrylate and the glue filled in one of the crevices between the root so I can no longer fit it into the skull. I was wondering if anyone knew how I can fix this or if I'll need a new skull.

    I would also like tips on breaking the squirrel hide. The fur is firm with no slip, so that's a perfect first! I'm just afraid to destroy it. If I do, it's OK, but I'd preffer to get as much advise as I can before I decide to chance ruining my first hide.

    PS. I'll post pictures of the skull when I learn how to :)
  2. Mike Powell

    Mike Powell Active Member

    Use a dremel or a small file to remove the excess glue so the tooth will fit back into the skull properly. Is the squirrel hide tanned properly? If so, (and this is a BIG "if") you will need to rehydrate the hide, stretch it out, and then drag back and forth over a stationary edge (a 2x4 block in a vise or something). Another option would be to tumble it in a dryer with the heat turned off. Continue to work the hide as it begins to dry pulling and stretching until the fibers in the skin "pop" and begin to show white. Then add a tanning oil and continue the process until soft. Complete info can be found in the archives.

  3. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    You could try dissolving the glue. I use a different sort and a long soak in hot water and Dawn usually does the trick. Try posting over in the Skulls&Skeletons section to see if anyone has some advice on that.
  4. Venuswolf

    Venuswolf New Member

    Thank you both! I'll see what I get over in Skulls&Skeletons and see what I can find

    MLP, unfortunatly I don't have a dremel or file that small. I did file 3 of 4 sides though. I'm far from perfect from tanning, especially since this is only my second hide. I just meant that it was well done for my first squirrel.

    Lizardguts, I'll try to soak it in hot water and dawn then. Originally I was thinking about putting it in nail polish remover for 10 minutes then wash it and continue until it was gone, but I don't know what the effects would be on the tooth. While searching I saw that the acetone can make the bone easier to damage (of course, they were talking about nails, not teeth), so that's out.