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O. K., who did it?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Glen Conley, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Glen Conley

    Glen Conley KARMA GOOSE R.I.P. 2006-2006

    Who mounted this piece? What in the way of historical taxidermy does this piece represent?

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  2. tazzymoto

    tazzymoto Well-Known Member

    I give, Is it the first artificial nose?

  3. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

    DP and Stop Rot

    George Roof
  4. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    LMAO. Not me.
  5. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    First use of a foam mannikin?
  6. First bust/shoulder mount on a small mammal?
  7. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    First fox to crash through a wall?
  8. jmgriggs

    jmgriggs Distinguished Wildlife Creations, LLC

    Glen mounted it!!!! ;D ;D ;D
  9. Glen Conley

    Glen Conley KARMA GOOSE R.I.P. 2006-2006

    Nina Lukaszewicz mounted this fox when she was 14. I pulled the photo off of hidetanning.net where it was in Critic's Corner.

    There were several of us that had teamed up together to bring constructive critiques to the web. This was before taxidermy.net had gone to the current format. We were of the belief that these critiques would be of a great educational value.

    You guys that have been around for awhile, what is you comment on the educational benefit to the industry that this site has yielded?
  10. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    very good question Glen. This site is the virtual wikipedia of dermy. There is enough info in here for anyone to learn the basics of our art. The art is changing however- with manufactured parts, eye sets etc etc. However, those parts available for only a few species do not make it a snap together affair. Some come on here to improve what they are doing while others come here to expect free detailed lessons. We have tutorials produced by new people to the old guard of well known dermists. Paint schedules, tecniques and threads abound with info here yet the same questions continually come up. This is due to new people entering our field EVERY day! In my town alone there are five new dermists of which some have received training from or related to this site. Obviously this site is a help to the masses- as beginners post deer that certailny dont look like my first deer did. As the economy has shriveled, the move towards other aspects like teaching have become far more previlant- look at the section on training for that obvious trait.

    This is all 100 % OPPOSITE of the way it was in the early 70s as NOTHING was shared with ANYONE! You could walk into a local taxidermy shop, have the owner ask if he could helpo you- tell him your starting dermy and WHAMO! The door was swinging on your backside as you were ushered out of the shop- TRUE STORY! IT was that situation that led me not to TALK to another taxidermist from 1971 through 1995 when i attended my first show. !!!! Thats correct, i hadnt SPOKE with another dermist for over twenty years until i stepped from my little business closet and went to a show. EVERYTHING i had learned came from imagination which in the LONG RUN was THE BEST thing i could have done for my own artisitic abilities. To this date, ive NEVER seen a taxidermy video..

    Now for MY own reason for posting here starting back in 06. It was my "dream" that in helping others with the many techniques ive invented and or picked up from others- it would raise the quality levels of work going out and the PRICES could then go up to reflect that. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER BUSINESSES out there! We type our responses to pricing threads here arguing over a 100.00 dollar differences when NIETHER price is even CLOSE to what we should be getting when factoring in ever increasing expenses PLUS the fact that we are pricing abouit 2 decades BEHIND inflationary parameters.
    This dream of my has been fairly crushed by the reality that you can never get an independant crowd such as dermists to come together and a collective. One of the richest dermists there is told me this once but i thought this angle of TNET would yeild a different result. But with 65 dollar birds, and 300 dollar deer heads being offered on here - it has really gone the opposite direction... Any more it has become a double edged sword of sorts.
    Hope yur doing WELL GLEN!! ;)
  11. saddlehorse_98

    saddlehorse_98 Member

    I dabbled in taxidermy 32 years ago and still have the to mounts I did back then. still looking good as a matter of fact. leap forward to a couple year's ago. when I started back up. the change is day and night.
    well said RDA. I for one wish you would come on more with your idea's and techniques, they are very helpful for sure. I read this forum daily and learn way more than any book or video I have found. like google all you have to do is type in your questions and most times you have several ways to skin the cat. I agree mostly with the part about taking the industry down instead of up. but every single business out their today has to deal with that same problem. some will survive some won't. store front's are loosing to web pages. the million dollar question is where will this all lead us to, as a trade and a country, ? I haven't figured that out just yet.
  12. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    You guys that have been around for awhile, what is you comment on the educational benefit to the industry that this site has yielded?

    For me Glen, it's not so much the content here that has been the educational factor as much as it has been the contacts available here. I'm not a good learner from 2 dimensional as is found in books, video's and tutorials. But hands on with the instructors here is what has been of great value to me. Being exposed to Dennis, Yox, Hatfield, Jamie Outman, Voyer and a host of others only was made possible by this great site. It's the exposure to others that I find most beneficial. As RDA pointed out, there was a time when we didn't communicate well. So glad those days are gone. Well, maybe we still don't communicate well, but at least we do share information better even if it is sometimes in a narcissistic way.
  13. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

    For me, it simply can't be measured. All the books, vids, phone conversations, and seminars at competitions helped introduce concepts and techniques for me, as well as building relationships with other taxis who were willing to help, but tjis site is ongoing, and reiterative. It serves daily as an online library unlike any other in its scope. I wanted to get better at taxidermy than those around me locally, and it has served to help me achieve a level of competency in a timeframe that I would never have been able to do without it. This site serves when I have something to mount that I have less knowlege about; if I need to know what to do, where to go, who to talk to, this site provides it.
  14. trappersteph

    trappersteph now you can have it...

    Snowhare's wrapped body thread he started is an enormous load of great educational info. I hadn't been around this forum in a while before that, except popping in now and then to sell fox pelts. I'll say that this place came a LONG way since I last frequented it more often prior to last year. Less arguing and name calling, a bunch of interesting new people like the deviantart crowd, and huge increases in shared knowledge by the masters, as well as much inspiration. John B started posting again, and George Roof has cooled his temper down.
  15. Mark V.

    Mark V. Chinook Salmon replica

    Where in the World in any industry you can go and get as much information on anything as this one provides? Very few if any I would say. Oh and for free ? Hell no. I have been doing taxidermy since age 9 and have learned far more on this site than the previous years since I started. Pretty much can count on either learning something or sharing something everytime Im on it. I call it my research and study hour LOL. :) take care, Mark
  16. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    I have to agree with Ron. It is a double edged sword. Pricing wise we are 2 decades behind schedule. Ease of getting into taxidermy as a new profession (wether part time or full) we are light years ahead of where we were collectively 20 years ago. While I think that this sight IS beneficial to taxidermists new and old I have to say that the formation of National and State Associations and competitions is what began to turn taxidermy around collectively. Sure there were Masters out there that did awesome work but until their work was showcased at the World Show and the Nationals and the IGT and then all of the State Shows that popped up who knew!!? Speaking for myself, I have to say that going to the World Show in 1984 inspired me to be the best that I could possibly be. That was before the internet and Iphones and all of the technology that we have today that enables us to communicate.....