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I need a Freezedryer..

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by ShadiSin, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. My baby lionhead bunny, Belle (whom I got June 14th for my birthday) has mysteriously gone down hill, is limp.. you name it.. at first she was taking fluids, now she refuses them and won't do anything anymore.. so I'm assuming shes going to pass by the morning..

    Shes so young, I don't think she could be skinned & tanned. Though I've only had her a few days, she is REALLY special to my parents and I. Hoda, my other lionhead is devastated her little buddy is leaving her..

    Belle has deep ruby pupils with very little brown around her pupils that vein out into her beautiful grey-toned blue eyes. Shes a dark ashy blue color with hints of red/brown at the tips of her fur.. shes a poofball.. she can't be over 9, 9 & a half inches.. I don't think so anyway.

    The problem with Belle, I got her as a more or less "rescue" & she was and still is skin and bones. I've been keeping an eye on her, keeping her hydrated and eating a good amount.. but I guess it just wasn't enough. Shes too far gone to take to a vet, she was too far gone when I found her to even call a vet.. so all I can do now is comfort her in her last hours. :(

    I'd like some prices on how much it'd be to have her freezedried. her ears fold back & criss-cross over each other naturally, which is how I'd prefer her ears. I'd like a simple pose. like her sitting looking up at you or on her back with her hind legs kicked out and her front paws just below her mouth as if to reach up. In the time I've had her.. she just has so much character. Shes the sweetest, most docile rabbit I have ever owned and I truly adore her.. it's heart breaking to lose her like this. But at least, I can have her preserved and treasure her forever.

    We plan on getting a custom basket made just for her to put her in, I'm really leaning towards the back-pose as it represents how docile she was.. her ears aren't 'full bloom/open' like most rabbits, they were always at the side or back, not because she was 'mean', but because of how laid back she was. she'd ever so slightly perk her ears up to my voice, and god it made me melt when she'd prop herself up on her hind legs and groom herself with her front paws. :(

    I already have plans to adopt another rabbit to be Hoda's companion, but I just Can't lose this girl.. I can't waste her beautiful body by burying her like I would have with so many other pets. I love my dear Hoda, but Belle has this.. special place in my heart I can't explain. She stayed at the pet store for over four weeks, with no one else buying her. She was with guinea pigs, whom bossed her around & that ultimately is why she was so skinny. Also, I think she was too young to be taken from her mother PERIOD. Either way, I hope at least one of the remaining rabbits they had will be there. I noticed Belle would slowly sway her head back & forth.. if anyone knows what this means.. I was going to have her taken to a vet, but obviously I can't now.

    I'm sorry for the venting, I just cannot explain in words how much this little girl meant to us.


    Hoda & Belle.

    I realize Hoda is a LOT bigger than Belle, but I can promise you no harm has come to Belle BY Hoda. Hoda grew up with guinea pigs & dwarf/mini rex rabbits. She's rather careful of Belle, and even grooms her as much as she can. She's currently huddled up next to Belle trying to get her to come around to no avail..​
  2. My baby Belle has just passed, about half an hour or so ago.. I just finished giving her a bath to get the yuck off her underside, but she could use another bath..

    I guess I'm a morbid fudge, because I can't help but take pictures of my pets once they have passed. :/

    More pictures of Belle;

  3. tenpointtaxi

    tenpointtaxi New Member

    I have never known anyone to o attached over a rabbit....wow
  4. Edgewater is great, and has done rabbits. :)

  5. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    Consider burying your bunny in your back yard, and placing a marker there constructed by you. Pets are one of our most privileged joys. We have 12 cats, a dog, a ferret, and a goldfish. It is hard to part with them, but death is part of life. Learn to ponder over the joys your pets brought to you, and cherish those memories. Having a pet freeze dried is not always the best way to memorialize the good time you had with a pet.


    you have the money anything can be done for the right price
  7. Rhas, that is who I was actually looking for and had in mind, but couldn't find! Thank you. ^_^

    and, I know, Joey.. but.. something about this rabbit I'm over attached to. I just feel it'd be best to keep this particular pet.. though I DO usually bury my pets.

    Belle is just so petite and precious.. I'd feel bad letting such a wonder fade away in the ground. :'c

    the problem is, we DON'T have the money most of the time.. paying bills and what-not.. but the extra money we do get, the parents oddly like to spoil me with. I was priced at 25 dollars for a mouse the size of my thumb before. Belle is only around.. 9 or so inches.. maybe ten if shes stretched/sprawled out.. so I figure she'll be over 100 depending who does it but not over 175.. dad said he's fine with that. it'll have to wait a little while, say, another month or so.. but I wrapped her up nicely and she should be okay in the freezer for some time..​