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BackWoods Taxidermy in Santa Rosa,California

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by MelonyH, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. MelonyH

    MelonyH New Member

    I have read several posts here that Keith Collinsworth of Backwoods Taxidermy in Santa Rosa,CA has a new shop in Lucerne,CA. Some of you have posted that you received flyers about his new shop.
    My Husband dropped off a boar with him over 2 years ago, and we have been trying to reach him to no avail.
    If someone has his shop address could you please message it to me. We would just like to go get our stuff!
    From what I have read here he is going through some rough times, but honestly...not our problem.
    I am about ready to call police, but I don't want to go that route if I don't have to.
    I don't want to add more problems for him.
    I would just like his Shop address if anyone can provide that please.
    I would appreciate the info.
    Thank You...
  2. MelonyH

    MelonyH New Member

    Quite a few people have looked at my post here, but no one has messaged me with an actual physical street address for Backwoods Taxidermy Studio's commercial storefront shop in Lucerne, CA.
    I now have to guess that the people that have been posting on this site saying that they have received flyers on his new SHOP IN LUCERNE,CA and that they have heard from him, could possibly have been posted by Keith Collinsworth himself, making it seem as though he is trying to make good.
    This way customers would think that other customers are in contact and all is well!!
    I would have to think that other individuals are in the same boat as we are and may never get their stuff back, so why... if you have an address, you wouldn't pass it along.
    Tomorrow morning I will be contacting Law Enforcement and the Fish and Game to see if they can get answers.
    If you have stuff with him and can't get any answers either, send me a message.
    I will pass along your info to the proper authorities as well. The More people, the faster the action we will get.
    Thank you

  3. Nightweaver

    Nightweaver Member

    I think the whole thing of him moving is a load of hogwash. You can google his name and it still shows the Santa Rosa shop being there. I didn't try the number, but I did try pulling up Lucerne shops and there is only one in that town and it's not Backwoods.

    I googled his name and it showed his shop in Santa Rosa as well, and on the google maps as a valid location. Strange if you ask me. I know google isn't god but if you look up a place that has shut down it will not show on the maps, or it will show the new location. More often than not.

    Something's up. I hope it works out for you. I would've called after a few months on him.
  4. MelonyH

    MelonyH New Member

    Thank you Nightweaver,
    What was the one you found in Lucerne,ca?
    I have even tried calling the chamber of commerce there with no luck.
    He could have started using a different name to start new.
    Any info is great.
    Thank you
  5. Nightweaver

    Nightweaver Member

    Wait, I got excited sorry. There's Eaglehead taxidermy in Santa Rosa (707) 591 0331 I think the number is and there is Fin Fur and Feather Taxidermy in Colusa near Lucerne, I will edit and give the number for them. EDIT; (530) 632 2417

    I would ask them if they have any info too, they should have an eye on rival shops.

    Lucerne SAYS they have up to 60 taxidermists on their facebook page, no idea if you have a facebook but I can't access the page because I don't have my facebook up and running!


    Maybe prod around there too you never know.
  6. BayMud

    BayMud New Member

    Any luck? I'm on the hunt now. Mr. Collinsworth is holding on to a beautiful blacktail buck and a $300 deposit. To top it off it's the kids(13 years) first buck. Have you thought about a civil suit? Have you checked Sonoma or Lake County to see if he is currently incarcerated?(May explain the lack of contact) Anyone checking this site can email me at baymud@hotmail.com. Maybe we can all get together, make some noise, and at least get Mr. Collinsworth to come forward with OUR animals that he has been (hopefully) holding.
  7. wayinthere

    wayinthere New Member

    BayMud you have the right idea. This guy did some work on a buck for me. 3 months after the work the ears were peeling back. I got in touch with a freind of mine to see how his mount was doing. Same deal. I finally got in touch with Taxidermy Keith and said he would fix it. Well this deadbeat has been missing for a while now. I will probably file a civil suit against him because I have nothing better to do.
  8. MelonyH

    MelonyH New Member

    Just want to thank the few people who have responded to this post, but sad that you are in the same situation of trying to get your trophy back.

    After much poking around, and asking the same questions, I was finally given a tip on were to start looking for Keith.

    I was told to look near the Visitor's Center in Lucerne.

    After looking around, I found what appears to be a Taxidermy Shop with forms on the wall and some mounts.

    These appear to be some of the same item's and things he had in his old shop.

    After waiting for a while and going back later, no sign of Keith at all.

    I will suggest that any of you who have items that you have lost, you need to file a report with the lake county sheriff dept.

    Let them know the amount you gave as a deposit and the dollar value of what you lost and how long he has had your item,

    After speaking with several individuals, he has had items longer than 3-4 years!!

    By filing a report, the more people who do, the better the chance he will be arrested.

    I would love to hear (P.M. me) from more individuals as we need to help each other to get anywhere with this.

    Thank you
  9. MelonyH

    MelonyH New Member

    Looks like a lot of customer's are finally getting their item's back.
    thank you BayMud for your update post!
    Glad Keith is finally being made to return item's.
    Does anyone have any other info?

    Thank You