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utility trailer and deer heads

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by RICKP, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. RICKP

    RICKP Let'er Buck

    Question for those that deliver shoulder mounts in utility trailers.
    What is the best way to load multiple mounts in a utility trailer so they ride well without bouncing around?

  2. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    Are you talking inclosed? If so take a sheet of plywood, or pieces bigger than the back of the form, screw to back of mount and then screw to floor. I have delivered mounts 300 miles away like that with 0 problems. I actually had an axle snap on one trip and the mounts inside didn't budge. Hope this helps, 3bears

  3. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    If you are talking about shoulder mounts, 3bears gave you some good advice. As long as you are using an enclosed trailer that has a wood floor in it to screw down to. If you rent a U-Haul trailer like pictured below, they do not have a wood floor. If you use a trailer that doesnt have a wood floor just lay a piece of plywood on the floor that will not slide around and then screw your mounts down.
    Now if you are talking about delivering lifesize mounts, it will take some more thinking.
    The pictures below we delivered to Jacksonville, Fl. from here in Ohio, 840 miles. As you can see the trailer was not even loaded yet. But if you look close there is even a lifesize Rhino up in the truck. Everything in the truck and what was in the trailer went to one of our clients in Jacksonville. Long trip but good payday !!! LOL

  4. tt

    tt Licensed Taxidermist,Hunter,Trapper,and Fur Bearer

    would consider that a load for sure.
  5. Brian Reinertson

    Brian Reinertson Well-Known Member

    Damn that is a lot of money in that load
  6. RICKP

    RICKP Let'er Buck

    Makes what I have to move look like nothing. lol
    I have 5 shouler mounts is all.
    Thank you guys for the info, I'll put it to good use.
  7. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    I have what I call stand heads if you will that bolt into place on the side of the trailor with wing nuts to take them off easily. I screw the heads to the plate and the stem is square heavy duty female stock that has a hole through it towards the top and one close to the bottom. I have stainless bolts that stick out in the trailor where the stem portion will be secure on the trailor wall. I think it's a pretty easy and secure way to haul heads without putting them on the floor.
  8. RICKP

    RICKP Let'er Buck

    You have any photos of that set-up?