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Taxidermist Cheating Taxidermist

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by roundyracer, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. roundyracer

    roundyracer been to the mountain and seen the elephant.usmc 68

    I'm gonna be gentle about this at first and will post as needed when solved or not.No names as of yet as some has posted about disputes before other avenues were approached.I ordered some products from an individual who hawks his goods on the for sale site.6 June 2012 seller received his money from Paypal.He per PM said he was shipping by the end of the week.Didn't happen.Following week I got the same story after another PM.In short for almost a month this has been a tale of I'm busy or I do this to help others and I'm not making any money.Now some will suggest they have had good dealings or they are a friend and hes got problems.So be it,I have problems also and that's I want my money back as agreed per PM.If interested as proof per conversations I have the stored Pm's and will be willing to post at a later date if that's possible or share with anyone who councils for the defense.Am i happy to start this no,I'm really troubled by the transaction and have appealed to Paypal which is another 30 days in the making possibly.At last if the last PM hadn't been a little threatening I would be even more patient.What would you do?
  2. davehyer

    davehyer Active Member

    If you paid for it you should receive it or get your money back. No questions asked, if he is not doing that then you should feel free to do what ever it takes to get your money.

  3. You paid promptly you expect shipment promptly !
    No excuse for a month of excuses !
    However bringing it here may take you down to their level.
    Be a better person & Wait the 30 days on paypal, but its not me, I understand your frustration and why you would want to call them out.
  4. duxrus

    duxrus Active Member

    It usually starts...poor poor little ol' me, then come empty promises, then either threats to leave them alone (they will eventually get to it) or they just try the disappearing act. It is all about character (or lack there of). If you say you are going to do something, DO IT.
  5. roundyracer

    roundyracer been to the mountain and seen the elephant.usmc 68

    Ive waited as stated since 6 June for him to ship but only excuses.I posted without names still being only patient.Paypal is another 30.Were does this end Buckfever.Sometimes you have to get in the gutter to catch a gutter rat.Bleeding hearts dint pay bills.The last Pm states I'm pissing him off.So let the war of words began.Chances are Ive got more time on my hands.
  6. Hey it could be worse. I bought one of five specimens, paid premium price to extra for express shipping.

    I get the speciemen and its missing 90% of the scapulas on one side, 1/2 of the tail, and a large area on one leg.

    Email the guy and he says send it back at my expense.That means I have blown $150.00 to look at this thing.

    no sense arguing about it, he says thats what God grew it. Well I am still poed about getting a grade C specimen when I paid for a grade A specimen. $300.00 pluss for something thats half of what it should be sucks. Hell I would have bought a perfect bird if he knew what one looked like. I sent pics of the one I got. Had he looked at the others and said OK I will knock $150.00 off another bird I would have bought it and been happy if it was a good bird.

    Anyway guess its fair warning, from now on money is tight and so is the not letting anyone get away with selling junk.
  7. Like i said round r I completely understand anger, as i would be to. But looking into the crystal ball, should you start a court room drama here. There will be a few people that will knock you for doing just that. My thinking was you just don't need that drama as well.
    You had my back before and i'll stand with you.
  8. roundyracer

    roundyracer been to the mountain and seen the elephant.usmc 68

    Glenn I remember and you are right for sure but if this isn't solved soon at least some will take my heed and not purchase from that individual.For sure friend I'm not proud to post the drama.There isn't much recourse.At this point he has stopped advertising and I'm monitoring along with others.I never disrespected him to this point and wouldn't have posted this early till I got the last PM that was unprofessional.Thanks for the support.Roundy
  9. troy

    troy Member

    Boy this a pet peeve of mine! When you get ALL kinds of excuses for not shipping right away I get bent out of shape. "My car wouldn't start, my wife forgot to send it, I hurt my back, the power went out, armadillo's dug up our internet wire, I'm sick, had to help my brother-in-law move a freezer, blah blah blah!" I have no room for smug laziness and the "I'll get to it when I feel like it" attitude. If we agreed on a deal I expect to hold up my end and I expect you to hold up yours in a timely fashion. Now, OK, unexpected stuff comes up and happens to everybody. That's a given. But, if something happens and fouls up the process, a responsible person would contact the other and let them know what is going on. Also, I would understand one hiccup, but when it turns into one after another and another that's a load of crap! All this goes the same if they sent the item and were waiting on payment. Just the shoe is on the other foot. That kind of jerking around burns my butt like a three foot fire! :mad: I get enough of that crap from some of my customers when I call about picking up their mount. Excuse after excuse. BULL!! I feel if a deal is struck both parties should take care of their obligations to each other right away. Then one or the other doesn't feel like they are unimportant to the transaction. What ever happen to old fashion honesty, pride in yourself, and doing what you promised to do in a timely fashion?
  10. big dan

    big dan Member

    Amen brother.
  11. roundyracer

    roundyracer been to the mountain and seen the elephant.usmc 68

    Troy that's eloquent thank you.I'm repeating myself but I'm not rejoicing in this forum.If I thought a second I screwed up this transaction Id eat the $$$$$.When our customers jack us around that's bad enough and you'd think we would learn,not to cheat our fellow Taxidermist.This is embarrassing enough as many will common sense this to death with did you check him out and is he been around awhile and etc.Ive seen a few good reports and this was my second order.He did drag his feet a little first go round,but after seeing more replies that praised his business I figured he's busy and a little slow.Ample time has passed so here we go.If the shoe was on the other foot Id hide also and be embarrassed enough to quit for sure.
  12. Seems there never to busy to take your money.
  13. diggitydave1

    diggitydave1 Taxidermy and Golf, both will drive you Crazy!

    Sorry to hear whats happened. I'm new to taxidermy and things like this make me feel nervous when I order something from someone. Cause you would think people of the same business would kinda look out for one another. Hope it works out for you.
  14. roundyracer

    roundyracer been to the mountain and seen the elephant.usmc 68

    After much consideration and good advice and some personnel messages from some of you against the advice of some to avoid the drama I'm not waiting to announce the Taxidermist who is ripping me off.reason being why should i take my time printing and faxing which I will drive 17 Miles one way to the library and send.PayPal is asking for some documentation and I'm happy to send copies of Pm's that he has written with excuses for either shipments or refunds.With some of you're permission I'd like to include your shipments being slow to be recognized without coaching as stated in your Pm's.I won't take mounts in I cant finish resonably finish in time and why should I let or condone another Taxidermist do this to either you or me.

    Pm"s June 6the received funds from PayPal
    17 I should have by end of week 22 -PM states takes about a week 27PM states order may have been lost. 28 I asked for refund.He states he shipped last week.Will send money order in the next day or two. After another PM from myself again emphasizing no fish blanks nor money order. July 5th again asking for refund he Pm's stating I'm pissing him off.Today being the 7th of July 2012 no fish blanks nor refund. So garyc71 lets see what our fellow Taxidermist thoughts are by going public and creating the drama. A honest PM stating I dont have the refund could have avoided this and I'm not done.It's ashame that somehow this site doesn't blackball or network dishonesty.Bounce a check with the industry's suppliers and watch that network.
  15. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    So you stated in another section to see this before buying some fish blanks? I am going to be really surprised if this is about who I think it is. Hope you get things worked out soon.
  16. franchi612

    franchi612 New Member

    Umm how long number one do you think it takes to make the blanks? It did take me a bit to get mine, but I did get them, and he did not even want the extra money shipping cost, though I offered. It was about twice as much as I paid for shipping. I dunno I always had good contact, and I guess I just figured it was taking time to make the blanks. I guess I am just more patient than you?

    ETA I have ordered blanks from LCR and other places and waited over two months. Yes those are much higher quality, from a larger company, but what do you expect out of one guy? I'm sure yours was not the only order. I guess I am just a more understanding person.
  17. roundyracer

    roundyracer been to the mountain and seen the elephant.usmc 68

    Was expecting the heat from a satisfied customer.How long did I expect not a month.This isnt my first rodeo franchi612.In 28 years Ive never waited on any supplies or blanks a month.Apparently the personel messages with one excuse after another isnt good enough for your satisfaction.Among others whom has contacted myself of the skeptism.I didnt start this war,excuse me I did as Id ordered some prior which took awhile.Upon a reorder I informed him and asked how long.His reply was Ill ship by the end of the week.That has never happened yet.So yourself and a few select others form your opinions as for myself Im gonna do what I have to.If that isnt up to your standards well read on and sooner or later one of us will win this contest.Be sure of one thing Ill keep you posted.
  18. Well - yeah. I'm not sure this should be aired out here. I understand your frustration, but I ordered several blanks 2 weeks ago and were supposed to ship this week. Being a holiday week, I assume that may be off by a few days and will get my blanks in the next weekish. I am sure that he has many orders based on his positive history and these prices. In this industry, most of us can understand how someone may get an influx of orders at once and take awhile to catch up. I have just read too many positive things about this individual and believe that I will receive my blanks soon. He really seems to be providing a great way for some of us to refine our art on good quality, very inexpensive blanks. There is nowhere else that I would be able to get these at this price and am appreciative of him wanting to provide this. The profit margin on these blanks must be very narrow so I don't believe that he is doing this for any reason but to give back to the industry. I bought some turkey panels from another individual on here that took a couple weeks longer than originally anticipated, but he came through like promised - no problems. Sometimes it sucks to be patient, but I am confident that he will come through for you. I and many others would really like the mentioned person to continue this service as we really appreciate it. Chin up ;D - this will all work out!
  19. roundyracer

    roundyracer been to the mountain and seen the elephant.usmc 68

    Driftless and franchi612,Why arent either of you addressing the PM's that staes he has shipped he's gonna ship he's gonna send refund.You are asking for my indulgence.Ive got plenty.Im retired small shop no pressure love Taxidermy and respect most of the artist.Im also not wet behind the ears been across the pond raised kids,raised hell and know when it looks like s smells like s and well I dont need to taste it to be convinced.All Id asked as stated if you 2 would read instead of criticize myself is that he'd been honest.When you take one in my yard I kinda get a attitude.Bleeding hearts for dishonesty just isnt one of my weakness's.
  20. Sorry, man - wasn't trying to criticize. I did read all of the posts. I'll just stay out of this.