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third hands

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by grygon, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. For those who use third hand bases with clamps for gluing certain bone projects back together, is this what you use?

    How is the firmness/gentleness of the clamps compared to the swivel locks? Are the locks pretty sturdy and the clamps fairly gentle? Would I be able to use them for repairing together a mouse-sized skeleton, say?
  2. Baccus

    Baccus Member

    If the bones are solid, they can work. You might want to place cotton or a little tissue paper around the teeth to avoid damage there.

    I typically use clay and odd things to prop my stuff in place. It is not a good technique, but it works for me and my tiny skeleton projects.

    Best of luck and post pics as you start to build.

  3. I use electrical heat-shrink around the clamps to rubberize them and prevent scratching.
  4. The ones I use have a magnifiying glass with them. I dont know if I'd use them to prop up a mouse or not.....they're pretty strong.
  5. Guus

    Guus Member

    I use similar ones and added some foam in the clamps as they are pretty rough on bones. They are not very suitable to mice skeletons in my opinion, I think you will crush every single bone with them. I use needles and small foam forms for mice, works great for me. (tried to insert a picture here, but imageshack is not cooperating...)