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Auctions for Richard and Karen Jeppson- Items all paid for - Thank You!

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Mary Krueger (rugmaking), Jul 13, 2012.

  1. As many of you have already read on taxi.net, Richard and Karen Jeppson have lost their home, shop, beloved pets and everything they owned in an Idaho wildfire on June 29th. Richard is also battling cancer. Ken Edwards has guided me on how to set up this auction board and allowed this to be posted.

    To date Ron Anderson's Artificial Tree Tutorial Package has sold for $500.00 to Richard B.
    My rugmaking services for a bear rug has been purchased for $250.00 by Jim Campbell.
    Lisa M. is auctioning a Dream Catcher and accepting bids until July 19th.

    Anyone who would like to donate an item or a service may either post it on the Taxidermy Industry thread or if you would like me to do it for you just send me a PM. I will link all auctions to this thread that Ken will keep at the top.

    All monies raised will be deposited in a donation bank account in Idaho which is being set up by Terry Bennett. Once I receive the information on the account from Terry, I will post it here. If you don't have an item to auction but would like to help the Jeppson's you can deposit your donation in the account.

    I know these are tough times but if you could find it in your heart to help out no matter if it's a small gesture, all will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to Gordon Mclean and Terry Bennett a donation account is now set up in the Jeppson’s name.
    All won auction monies should be deposited directly into this account.
    Any other monitary donations would be greatly appreciated, as well.

    Account #705723768
    Idaho Central Credit Union
    544 East Benton Street
    Pocatello, Idaho

    Thank you
    Kind regards,

    additional auction items:
    Turquoise and Buffalo Bone Necklace - ENDED
    2 Pairs of Earrings - ENDED
    2 pairs of Earrings - ENDED
    Black Bear Reference Photos- ENDED
    3 Archie Phillips Taxidermy Books - ENDED
    Pheasant hunt- ENDED
    Pheasant Hunt- ENDED
    Angler's Artistry DVD's - ENDED
    Breakthrough Issue#4
  2. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Re: Auctions for Richard and Karen Jeppson - bank donation account info added

    Very nice Mary. :) Excellent work hun. ;)

  3. Re: Auctions for Richard and Karen Jeppson - bank donation account info added

    Thanks for the kind words and your beautiful dream catcher that you donated for the auction, Lisa.

  4. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    Re: Auctions for Richard and Karen Jeppson - bank donation info added - new items

    Wow! Nice Job Mary! All very nice items and HUNTS! I cant help but think many dont know how much the Jeppsons have contributed towards our industry and competitions as well! I hope these all go for a good value- ive seen firs hand the devastation from wildfires, and to it all in a blink of an eye is crushing, let alone the medical issues they have been facing. Times are tough for us all, but this forum has come together before and i hope they do for the Jepssons..Thanks to all those whom have bids in and the contibutors of these great items as well! You guys got class... ;)
  5. Todd B

    Todd B Active Member

    Re: Auctions for Richard and Karen Jeppson - bank donation info added - new items

    It is awesome of everyone who is helping these fine people. I have nothing to to donate as far as items. But will send what I can to the account. Prayers to everyone who are involved with the tragidy and also the ones willing to donate and help.

    Todd B
  6. Thank you to all auction item donors.

    Thank you to all the generous bidders.

    Thank you to the private monetary donors.


    A special thank you to Terry Bennett for letting us know about the Jeppson's tragic loss and for donating an auction item.

    and to

    Gordon Mcclean for opening the donation bank account, managing the deposit info and donating a generous auction item.

    Through all your kind generosity we raised a few thousand dollars to aid the Jeppson's.

    Kind regards,