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Looking for 10 tanned red fox and or cross fox/ no feet needed

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Black Fox, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Black Fox

    Black Fox Member

    I am looking for up to 10 red and cross fox. They need to have been professionally tanned for garment use. They do not need to have feet or legs and its OK if there are small cuts. I need these for mittens hats etc. Looking for stuff $50 and under. I will need to see pictures of what you have but i am in the market for 10 and possibly up to 20 if i like what i see.

    Best thing is to e-mail me your offers at [email protected] I will get back to you as quickly as possible. I'm in Alaska but they can all be shipped in one box. Thanks
  2. jhits

    jhits Active Member

    I have dry tanned red foxes for sale. Cased skinned without feet & claws & with feet & claws. Email [email protected]

  3. irishme

    irishme New Member

    ;) pm sent
  4. furcanada

    furcanada Member

    Not sure I can help. But I paid $ 100 each top end (raw) Red Fox and Cross Foxes at Fur Harvesters Auction this past season. Not sure what kind of quality you
    will get for $ 50.
  5. old60furs

    old60furs MO buyers license number is 2465. I need your #

    Contact Ellie Willingham. She posted some on this site a while back. Hope you get what you need;

  6. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    $50 will be tough as that is abouit what they averaged raw ( not tanned)on the fur market this year, including low grades and junk. I think the actual saler average was around mid 40s something, but like I said that included damaged, southern flats, junk etc.
  7. Aktrpr

    Aktrpr Active Member

    Alaskan reds averaged almost 70 overall this winter. About 80 or just under in the Feb sales and 60 or so in the last sales. Expect low end pelts even for $50 raw on cross fox. Being that your in alaska, I wanted to warn you that if you buy southern flat type or even semi-heavy skins your going to be terribly disapointed compared to ours up here. You get what you pay for, just remember that.