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fox tongue color

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Rob58, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Rob58

    Rob58 New Member

    hi could some one help me with getting the right tongue color on a red fox i have been told to mix red with yellow and a touch of flesh but it coming out
    way to orange im using acrylics could sure do with some help on it cheers.
  2. Try red and white with a touch of yellow. It will be more fleshy

  3. sportsmen wildlife

    sportsmen wildlife New Member

    One color will not do it for me, I will use from three to four color's on a tongue. It's all about layer's. Just get some good reference, and have at it. What color's work for me , might not with you. If I tell you to mix this color with that and your off a little on either one it will not come out for you as it would for me. Me personally, I never use a paint schedule or mix color's by the book. I just pull my reference out and have at it, and over time it will just come natural. When I went by schedules and set amount's I just could never get it.