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Game Head of the Week July 20, 2012

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by BillFromPa, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Yes sir, 6900 it is.

    Thanks for the compliments! :)

    ..one more FL deer.



  2. Nice buck I just finished up on a Thompson wall pedestal

  3. nice mounts guys
  4. millardtaxi

    millardtaxi JOHN 3:3

    Very nice work, keep em coming gives me something to look at on these long hours at the ol steel mill

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  5. Dennis,
    how much time are you sepending on altering the 6900 head. I may be the only guy on the forum that dont care for these forms. I can handle shaving that huge gord ioff the neck, but with all the work I have to do to the heads it's eaiser to just lop it off and replace with a Coombs or mears head. For my taste a coombs head on the 69 body makes a really nice mount.

    Yours looks great BTW!
  6. JohnB

    JohnB Member

    Great work everyone. Just finished this one tonight and it is my last. Hope to see some more come in soon; just over a month until archery season starts.

  7. fozziebear

    fozziebear Active Member

    Nice Job Mike S ! I really like the look of the MT wall peds ! Dennis ,well , awesome as usual !
  8. Thanks Fozz! ;)

    CBRO, not to much time. Knocked the bulge down some and the rest is clay work. I'm a Mears fan to so I understand your liking the head on them. The 6900 fit pretty well for me on these slim FL deer but this was my first and only deer I have done using the 6900, so I could agree with you after a few more..lol.
  9. hfparker

    hfparker New Member

    Haven't been on here in a long time but some very nice work posted. Pic of Elk that went home last week.
  10. FeatherHorn

    FeatherHorn New Member

    heres and aoudad I just finnished
  11. trophy time

    trophy time " Preserving a lifetime of memories since 1990 "

    Reproduction antlers on a new cape. Brother was involved in the hunt and wanted a copy of the antlers.