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Gar skull

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by buckjunkie, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. buckjunkie

    buckjunkie New Member

    I been thinking about trying to do a european mount on a gar skull. Has anybody ever tried this and if so what is the best way to go about doing it thanks.
  2. Baccus

    Baccus Member

    Beetles are the best way to do the general cleaning since fish are so prone to falling apart. Gentle maceration and a lot of patience will see you through the rest. Take lots of pictures for reference.

    If it is clean enough for you after the beetles, your normal H2O2 whitening can complete the project.

    Show us what you do. I have wanted to do a gar skull for a while now. Congrats and good luck.

  3. In my experience gar skulls are much more securely fused together than is the norm for fish skulls, I think you could just macerate and not experience any separation beyond gillplates and lower jaw halves. I found several in the lake by where I used to live that macerated naturally in the water to a totally clean condition and were still intact except for the separations I mentioned
  4. snakeface

    snakeface New Member

    got access to any extra gar heads? i'de like to have one in my collection
  5. BeerHunter14

    BeerHunter14 Member

    I was just given one large gar and 4 smaller ones... In the beetles now... I will see how they clean up and may have one for you to have..... Let Me know where you are at..
  6. J@H-T

    [email protected] New Member

    Re: Re: Gar skull

    It actually depends on the species. Needle nose and spotted Gar will beetle very easily, if its an alligator Gar they need more attention as they have tons of fleshy connections and you will need to clean them pretty good prior to putting them in your bugs. Alligator Gar are very greasy to so acetone bath is a must, but alternate them a day in a day out or the sides of the head will soften and you will have a ton of tiny bones to rearticulate.

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