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List of 50 Tanned Capes Ready To Ship, ALL On Sale, W.T., blacktail, much more

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by northernmontana, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. northernmontana

    northernmontana Active Member

    The following is a list of capes we have tanned and ready to ship. Some capes could have some skinning nicks etc. but will be easily fixed and will make great mounts. If you don’t see something you need let me know as we always have more. Please add $16 per cape for shipping. We accept paypal, credit cards over the phone, checks and money orders. PM, email at [email protected] or call (406)590-8971. Please refer to the cape number next to the description. I will post pictures of some but not all. If you need to see pictures of a certain cape please ask (please be serious about pruchasing the cape so we don't waste to much time).

    Thanks for looking and have a great day, Jody


    #380 Short Haired W.T., wet tanned, 16", nice cape, $179

    #389 Elk Cape, wet tanned, 33", very short summer hair, cut in one ear and each ear has a small ear tag hole, $349

    #419 Short Haired W.T. cape, wet tanned, 18", really nice cape but briskett may need some sewing, $159

    #434 Short Haired Blacktail Cape, wet tanned, 17", nice cape but brisket might be a tad short, $139

    #438 Short Haired Blactail cape, wet tanned, 18", tick damage on front, $99

    #448 Midwest W.T. Cape, wet tanned, 16", nice cape but brisket might be a tad short, $119

    #459 Antelope Doe Cape, wet tanned, good to go, $119

    #466 Double throat patch Mule Deer Cape, wet tanned, 18", nice cape, split ear, $169

    #482 Mule Deer Cape, short hair, 15”, wet tanned, brisket split, some thin shaving spots and skinning nicks, $149

    #490 Midwest W.T. Cape, brisket split up high, wet tanned, 16", nice cape, $119

    #491 Summer Blacktail Cape, wet tanned, Double Throat Patch, 16", nice cape, $179

    #507 W.T. Cpae, wet tanned, 16” cape, good to go, $149

    #521 Mule Deer Cape, wet tanned, 16” cape, 3 cuts on face, all easy fixes, $119

    #523 W.T. Cape, wet tanned, 15”, good to go, $139

    #534 W.T. Cape, wet tanned, 17”. Small nick below one eye, $149

    #538 Short Haired W.T. Cape, 16” cape, good to go, very nice cape, $169

    #546 Midwest W.T. Cape, wet tanned, 17”, slight drag on back might make form, $139

    #549 Blacktail cape, wet tanned, double throat patch, 17” cape, brisket might be a tad short, small scar above one eye, $139

    #566 Audad Cape, wet tanned, 24”, good to go, $299

    #567 Antelope buck, 12” cape, wet tanned, good to go, $139

    #572 Canadian Moose Cape, 40” cape, super nice, wet tanned, $799

    #586 Bighorn Ewe Cape, wet tanned, nice cape, $299

    #590 Mule deer, 17"-18" cape, nice cape besides on small cut on top of one ear, $129

    #593 Mule Deer Cape, 16” cape, wet tanned, good to go, $149

    #594 Mule Deer, slight double throat patch, has a cut in each ear, small nick behind one eye, all easy fixed, $129

    #602 W.T. Cape, wet tanned, 18”, good to go. $149

    #603 W.T. Doe, double throat patch, short incision, nice cape, $139

    #604 W.T. Doe, wet tanned, competition quality, no nicks and no incision at all, $139

    #606 W.T. 16" cape, some skinning nicks, $119

    #607 W.T. Doe, competition quality, no cuts or relief cuts at all, no sewing at all, $129

    #609 Mule Deer, one cut is cut in the back, I would suggest ear liners for this one, besides that nice cape, 16" cape, $109

    #622 Blacktail Cape,wet tanned, short incision, 20” cape, slight pigment loss on one eye, will never see once airbrushed, nice cape, double throat patch, short hair, $219

    #627 W.T., wet tanned, 19" cape, nice cape, small bullet graze on the front, $139

    #631 W.T., long hair, short incision, good to go, wet tanned, $149

    #633 W.T., wet tanned, cut behind each eye, cut in corner of mouth. all easy fixes, 18", wet tanned, $129

    #641 Chocolate Fallow Cape, wet tanned, short incision, 17" cape, good to go, $199

    #642 W.T. cape, wet tanned, 17", short incision, medium hair, good to go, $139

    #662 W.T. cape, wet tanned, 20" cape, good to go, $149

    #671 Mule Deer, scar on one ear, good after that, nice cape, wet tanned, 18" cape, $129

    #678 W.T., wet tanned, good to go, $159

    #683 W.T., wet tanned, 19", good to go, $149
  2. I know its later in the year but do you still have 602 wt deer cape left. thanks

  3. northernmontana

    northernmontana Active Member

    Yes, That cape is still for sale. Thanks.
  4. ice

    ice Active Member

    PM sent
  5. Maribeth

    Maribeth Member

    Pm sent
  6. Missouri Creek Studio

    Missouri Creek Studio Black buck Walnut pedestal

    Interested in 614 If you could give me a call tomarrow at 217 577 3206 thanks also any Red stag capes??
  7. northernmontana

    northernmontana Active Member

    I just updated the list. I got bumped to the top before I could update it but now the capes that are on the list are all still available. Thanks.