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R J Simington or anybody

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Alan B, May 2, 2007.

  1. Alan B

    Alan B Member

    Hope R J or someone can help I am looking for a supplier of Plastic Sage brush and I noticed on one of your pieces at the World Show R J you had used some mind sharing where you get it from?
    Thanks in advance, Alan
  2. Not RJ, but I believe that was some that he got from Gary Powell.
    Gary judged our show last year and had some of that he uased on a habitat seminar he did.
    He does have a web site where you can get his contact info, I don't remember the address - google him.

  3. Jim D.

    Jim D. Member

    Garys address is northslopetaxidermy.com
  4. RJ Simington

    RJ Simington Active Member

    Yes I bought a bunch of it from Gary Powell.

    It works very well , & is as close to real as your going to find.
  5. Alan B

    Alan B Member

    Thanks Guys,
    I did speak with Gary at his shop awhile back but didn't get the impresion he had any for sale I will contact him and find out. Thanks again for the help,
  6. RJ Simington

    RJ Simington Active Member

    Hey Alan,
    Get ahold of me & I can sell you some of what I have or I can get you a contact # for the company that sells it.

    RJ Simington
    541 883 2492