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Degreasing tank almost finished

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Kurt27, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Spent some money but hopefully results will be worth it

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  2. Well there ya go Kurt,....bring on the heads!

    My local lumber yard/ hardware store sometimes sets out water heaters that have been transit damaged, as in fork lift jabs to the case, or dented, at a discount price. I had them call me whenever they had any 220V models set out, so I could snatch them up. The only difference mine had was, copper pipes for the tank coils (I'm guessing you have black poly coiled in yours). I also insulated the 'heck' out of my tanks, and the inlet/outlet piping. If your good at wiring you can splice a light fixture (like one of those temp. construction lights, carpenters use) in line to tell you when the system is running or heating. In the end I don't think it means a hill of beans, but it was interesting to see when it came on and how long it ran. There's also ways of creating a lid which will acomodate round or square buckets, by means of cut outs. Last thing I did was install a spicket (I think people from the north call them faucets) T'ing from the hot pipe. At least 6 foot off the ground (so kids don't turn it on by mistake) so I could have access to hot water, right there, if I needed it.

    I like heavy duty set ups,...your tank is sweet. I never had access to one like that. I hope it does good by you.

  3. Alpha its got a little ways to go but i have a lid for it and im not 100% sure yet how im going to insulate my tank yet but it will be.
  4. Yea, turn that sucker on and drink another Key Light. The steam is going to cause some serious mold issues if a lid isnt used............but it sounds like yer on top of that.