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if you don't think USFW monitors this site

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by gab, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. so your telling me i cannot pick up a kestrel or owl from the side of the road.
  2. Eva

    Eva Member

    I know in California you can't pick up an owl. (not sure if we have kestrels..) I think even native Americans have to go through the authorities first. Technically every eagle they feather they possess must be registered too..

  3. I believe so. however I'm almost certain that if you were to sell it out of country you'd have to go through the process all over again. Also, if you're buying from out of the country, and it's not strictly for personal use (you plan on reselling it or something) than it has to be declared and you have to fill out a form for it and have it inspected as it comes into the country. This is just what I believe after reading through it. If someone knows different, or believes I'm mistaken, please let me know! They do make it extraordinarily hard to 'do the right thing'!

    Outwoods - Where I'm from (Fl) the rules seem to be weird in this regard. I know that if I see a Sandhill Crane dead on the side of the road I better leave it be. If anything, I should call fws and let them know where it is so they can come get it. However I've been told by fws that I can have a bear skull that I 'found' and that doesn't break the law even though they're protected here. I think the worry is that if they allow picking up roadkill as a viable excuse for owning something protected, you could have a house full of protected taxidermy and just say "I found it dead on the road" for every one of them. It's easier for them to just say you can't. >.<
  4. horsefeathers

    horsefeathers Member

    Waitaminute here. Waterfowl is legal to posses and sell if you can prove that they were game farm birds, or domestic. You're telling me that things like feathers and whatnot that came from legally harvested wild waterfowl are not allowed to be kept, even by the hunter...? I know the interpretation of the laws can be a bit slippery on a good day (or depending upon the mood of the agent), but that seems a little tight to me. The first instance that comes to mind is I know there are businesses that take the feathers from legally killed birds and turn them into pillows and beds for the people who hunted them. Those places don't seem to have a problem, but under that interpretation it would be illegal. Where is the line for the ownership of wild waterfowl parts?
  5. circuitcat

    circuitcat Member

    Worldwildlifeproducts is a good seller with legit stuff. I would be surprised if they sold anything illegal. The jackal skull I bought from them just came in the mail today =D
  6. Eva

    Eva Member

    Yeah, I've bought from World Wildlife myself. They have some good prices but you have to calculate that they will also charge double (or worse on their ebay stuff) their actual shipping costs and they are a tad slow to ship as well. When I buy from them, I try to order a whole bunch at once to offset their massive shipping gouging. On the flip side, they are legal and have some good stuff at good prices and other than the shipping irritation, they've been a good vendor.
  7. Raynewolfe

    Raynewolfe TY for understanding things outside our control.

    Ive dealt with them as well. Quite straight forward and pretty up on wildlife laws as I found out when I ask their advice dealing with the peta folks. Honestly, for a big seller on ebay (no offense folks, I just dont trust everyone immediately especially on ebay) I was extremely surprised they took the time to explain some things and answer questions not directly related to one of my purchases. Im sure there are others too though! :)
  8. boarzhead

    boarzhead God created man... Samuel Colt made them equal!

    Since when are crows migratory. In new hampshire they are hunted almost year round. I understand doves and woodcock but crows. Never listed as migratory in hunting regs. Can someone clarify this for me. Thnx
  9. mjvaden

    mjvaden New Member

    Boars head..... Not the State but the federal regs is what you need to be looking at

    That little red "Y" under the MBTA means it is a NO NO in the eyes of the feds.

    It is almost the same rules as migratory waterfowl, the difference is the feds will not let you raise captive crows and waterfowl you can raise live and sell.

    You can hunt them and possess them in many states but if you sell or offer to sell one you are asking for BIG trouble.
  10. boarzhead

    boarzhead God created man... Samuel Colt made them equal!

    Wow. Thats crazy. Thank you. How can they classify a crow like that. Thats just crazy to me
  11. boarzhead

    boarzhead God created man... Samuel Colt made them equal!

    Also where is this site u got info from.
  12. mjvaden

    mjvaden New Member

    It is crazy because you have animal right groups filling politicians pockets to warp the laws for their twisted views. and it is getting worse by the day. the only thing we can do to stop them is out spend them and non of us can do that. If you click on the Importing and the Law post pinned to the top of this page their is a link to a USFWS species search page. there also is a TON of information on the edecs site. (theres a link for that too). you can spend days there but pretty much all the laws pertaining to wildlife can be found there.
  13. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Sometimes it truly scares me how some people in this industry don't know or understand the laws that govern them or the repercussions of ignoring them. The Mexican government instigated the crow laws -didn't many presume in retribution for doves along the border. By federal law, states that allow crow hunting must establish a season that has a gap to allow for reproduction. Today the crow has EVOLVED from an agricultural vermin to a scavenger like ravens and vultures.
    Some think the feds are near relinquishing their hold on many "protected" birds in an unfunded mandate. Who knows? But we all need to know the laws that we must abide by.
  14. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    george....crows havent "evolved".......they still are ag vermin and also always were scavengers....
  15. boarzhead

    boarzhead God created man... Samuel Colt made them equal!

    I must be blind or retarded but cant find this thing
  16. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Byrdman that is true but in my youth, they were heavy into corn (we had scarecrows) and pecans. I saw ten eating bird eggs and live baby birds but around here, we never saw them on carrion or roadkills like I do today.
  17. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    That is true, I see them all the time along the side of the road picking on the roadkill. Even when I was young, I don't ever remember seeing crows doing this.
  18. mjvaden

    mjvaden New Member

    Boarzhead... 2nd post down from the top of the forsale section ^
  19. boarzhead

    boarzhead God created man... Samuel Colt made them equal!

    Thank you
  20. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Years ago, ( about 25 years) I had a pet crow for two years before he died. He ate anything we gave him, but he stock piled much of it in the corners of his pen, and never ate but a small percentage of what he banked away. He ate dog food, cat food, loved musk mellon, frogs, fish guts, all dinner scraps, loved to pick at freshly butchered deer bones, anything and everything, he ate it all. To say that Crows have recently started eating road kill is strange to me, as they eat everything that they can find, they are not picky eaters.