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Looking for misc bits and pieces

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Damesaber, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Damesaber

    Damesaber If you have a fetus for sale, please let me know!

    I usually buy raw stuff, but do to the triple digit heat down here, I need clean specimens this time. Not bleached cleaned (I ca do that), just fleshless.

    I'm looking for small bones (1-3"), species doesn't matter. Toe, small legs, tail bones, etc.

    Also looking for small-medium vertebra. Again, species doesn't really matter, but I would prefer that they be togeather (as in, in order, not just loose).

    Also, claws. Anything but bobcat (I have a bunch of those already). Doesn't need to be anything fancy like grizzly or lion.

    And I'm still looking for small dried bird wings (under 6" extended). Preferably small wild birds, or exotic domestic birds (parakeet, finch, etc), just no game birds or pigeons.

    Please let me know what you have, and PLEAsE include a price and estimate for shipping to 75050.
  2. olsontax

    olsontax New Member

    have black bear claws and finger bones

  3. vengeofthestars

    vengeofthestars New Member

    I have all this mess


    the spine you see here is still connected via cartilidge. It was used a few years ago in a school project so there is a smidge of hot glue here and there wich is easy to peel off.
    Nothing is greasy but its all nature cleaned.

    As for price.. I honestly have no idea what to ask for it.. Im sure shipping would not exceed ten dollars.
    if youre interest just shoot me an offer. Id take trades too.
  4. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    look on the for sale side in the search box at the top . type in 800 coyote feet.
  5. Mink

    Mink New Member

    I've got a whole crate full of dried out old bones in the backyard. None damaged, I just haven't had any use for them myself. I can send you some of the smaller stuff if you'd like. I think there's also deer teeth in there, possibly some claws, I can go through it and check. Send me a message with your shipping info -- I'll give the stuff away, just pay shipping cost!

    Also, just a tip on the bird wings ... the majority of "small wild birds" like songbirds and such are federally protected species, therefore completely illegal to possess any part of them, of any species that's not a game bird. You can probably get away with stuff like parakeet/other pet bird wings but I'd reccomend doing some research on regulations to make sure.

    Anyway, let me know on the bones and I'll pick out a nice selection for you. I need to get these out of the yard! ;)