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Would you say I have a coyote problem?

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by buckmaster14, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. buckmaster14

    buckmaster14 Sometimes you get lucky...

    Sat in the stand to scout one last time the other evening over the bean field.... no deer however....






  2. Re: Re: Would you say I have a coyote problem?

    U need to get to killing

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  3. Alive Again

    Alive Again New Member

    :eek:I've never seen a damn herd of them before!!!! Better get to thinning them or there will be no point to scouting for deer! BANG, BOOM, POW, TO DA MOON! :D
    P.S. Maybe give Bob Wendt a call, looking at his pics it looks like he is able to just walk right up to them and put a leash on them. lol
  4. buckmaster14

    buckmaster14 Sometimes you get lucky...

    HAHA, we definately have a pack of them thats for sure... We have a TON of rabbits in the area this year, thats probably why we have such an abundant coyote population... i figure they will wipe out the rabbits in the area, and move on.
  5. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    No, they will take out some wts as well. You might want to go back and sit with a rifle and take them out. You won't be seeing too many wts from that stand with that many waiting on them!(LOL)
  6. Richard C

    Richard C Well-Known Member

    They probably already ate all the fawns. Coyotes love fawns according to Deer + Deer Hunting magazine. Shoot the vermin. My friend in Ct has taken 17 out of his area this year , so far.
  7. Need to start trapping. I had one eat my dog a couple years ago. I live in the city where I would of bet there wasn't a coyote for miles away. I had a buddy that traps set a trap and we caught it the first night. I got red fox too.
  8. Nightweaver

    Nightweaver Member

    Re: Re: Would you say I have a coyote problem?

    I say start plucking them off. Looks like you got a ton out there.

    Coyote problem solved, and you can make some money off them haha. At least they'll be good for something at that point instead of being a pain in the rear.

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  9. Your coyotes obviously have a serious lead deficiency and you best be remedying that if you want to have any deer around! Even a small dose would be beneficial if delivered with sufficient velocity.
  10. jbconnected

    jbconnected Member

    Shooting 2 or 3 a year is not predator control. You need to get a professional trapper in your area to do serious predator control. Yes they love fawns. Do a little research from credible wildlife biologists to find how much they affect deer herds. We tend to think because we don't see it, it doesn't happen.

    I read where a wildlife biologist did an extensive study on bobcats & found that 1 bobcat takes on average 14 fawns in a season. A mountain lion takes an adult deer per week. While coyotes are opportunistic hunters & thrive on rabbits & rodents, they will kill every fawn they can & on occasion they can & do kill an adult deer if the opportunity presents. If I have time in the next couple of days I will try to post some studies I have found. Pretty interesting stuff if you are interested in that sort of thing.
  11. I have already found 4 remains of whitetail on my property in only a matter of a year. Needless to say the yote population is dropping and I'm not sure why ;D haba. Lead poisoning I think
  12. wa

    wa Thanks John...this depicts me better

    Looks like the 1st pic they are in a pot field
  13. Mike Powell

    Mike Powell Well-Known Member

    They'll eat calves too! It would be difficult to make a dent in their population hunting them. They're sly rascals and I have read a study that stated as their population goes down, say as a result of hunting pressure, their litter numbers increase. What you need is a semi-automatic with a 30 round clip while they're all together like that. The family packs will be splitting up soon. Shoot 'em!!
  14. You probably have the whitetails educated already by over scouting. You sure you just aren't keeping tabs on your marajuana patch?
  15. buckmaster14

    buckmaster14 Sometimes you get lucky...

    LOL. Whitetails arent educated... not once have they looked up at me or winded me yet and i see them in the field still in the evening... they arent out as often now that the soybeans are blooming and producing pods... at that stage the soybeans become less desirable for the deer and they shy away for a while.

    I dont expect to see deer back on the bean field hard til late season.... for now, that bean field aint nothin but a long shot with a bow :p

    Also... im exactly sure what that plant is you see in the first pic... but the deer enter the field through it regularly.
  16. Riverland

    Riverland New Member

    In WI it is referred to as ditchweed.
  17. Doves love the seeds. That's why they fly the way they do...
  18. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    stoner dogs
  19. papagoose

    papagoose papagoose and goslings

    LOL good way to keep wt hunters out of your pot feild put some yotes in it, that way they wont be looking at those cool weeds you got growing in that UM>>>>>>>>>>>>bean feild ??? LOL
  20. GC424

    GC424 New Member

    Ya after you smoke it you end up in a ditch ;D

    ??? Why are those coyote still alive? I bet with a pack like that they will take down some adult size deer.