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Looking to switch tannery

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by west1542, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. bw

    bw New Member


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  2. bw

    bw New Member

    Last one

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  3. Well,
    Brice's thread from 8 years ago turned into a tannery tiff and strayed off topic. Just some things to think about here. In that post from October of 2004, Oldshaver was a tannery employee of a large tanner in the south and I was about to embark on my first ever attempt to run my own tannery.

    Since then, my tannery is out of business and Oldshaver is unemployed.

    Would it be fair to say that maybe Alan has turned over a few employees since that thread from 8 years ago?

    I know things change and employees and circumstances can ruin a business and a man's reputation as a skilled and hard working individual, but come on Brice. Really? 8 years and you still insist on dogging Alan Easter when he has probably gotten an entirely new crew and trying to make a living by do things the right way?

    Seriously...if you made a mistake, would you want to be dogged for nearly a decade or would you want to prove that you made a mistake and try to become a better person because of it?

    Just thinking out loud here.
  4. bw

    bw New Member

    I understand exactly what you are saying David. He specifically asked for pictures, and I provided the ones I had.

    I told Alan what to expect.....and I meant what I said.

    If I made a mistake and made my self better for it I would have acknowledged and apologized to the person I wronged. That would be part of the process. Alan made no such effort to me or any of the others I know who had the same experience.

    Otherwise.....I expect there are others who are thinking the same thing you are David, and will probably be on here to let me know it. But I won't engage in that conversation. He wanted input and I gave him mine, whether it's popular opinion or not. So I hope everyone can try and focus on finding the original poster a good tannery, since that's what he is looking for. Even if it turns out to be the "new and improved" MicroTan
  5. Well that may change things a bit my capes from WLG dont come back close to those at all....I know its easy to cut a hole but when they are in facial areas lip lines and ears it kinda pisses me off because I pay for that service then I have to spend time fixing it......I think I'll stay where I am........guess its not that bad
  6. Richard C mentioned tannery roulette. I dont think there is a tannery out there that is perfect. It is the nature of the job. Pick up a scalpel and there is the possibility of making a damage. What is a repairable damage and what is the limit of tolerance for damages is where guys differ. Making a living from tanning can be rough when employees are involved. It gets harder to control when a new guy comes on board. Experience is expensive and costs both the tanner and the taxidermist in one form or another.
  7. Gary A

    Gary A N. West Taxidermy 208-404-9706

    Wow, that's some real rough shaving. Nicest hides I've gotten back from a tannery have been from Dave's lone star tannery and Carolina FD. I've been attempting to duplicate myself for years now. Lol
  8. butterbean

    butterbean New Member

    Without trashing anyone i to went threw a season that Allen had a few problems with not the best workers on the job,however what i have recieved over the past 3 years that i have let him do all my tanning is no comparision to years back. Allen saw his problems and i believe now has them fixed.
  9. Steven Klee

    Steven Klee Steven Klee Studios

    Weigh out your options with open eyes brother. You have many who are pleased with the service of Micro tan who use it now. A few who are displeased over quality 8 years ago.
    To put things in perspective I will post some photos as well. My own deerheads, the first I did 8 years ago, 2nd just last week...............Just sayin'......

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  10. GC424

    GC424 New Member

    how much did the mount cost from eight years ago compaired to the mount from last week ?I am gonna guess $300 then
    $675 now ?
  11. Steven Klee

    Steven Klee Steven Klee Studios

    I am flattered on the $675, but I would not get near that here.