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drugging up before mounting!!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Bobbi Meyer, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Bobbi Meyer

    Bobbi Meyer I luv to ride my tricycle, I luv to ride my trike

    Gonna eat some breakfast then take some naproxen sodium before I mount the last deer from 2011..anybody else out there have to do drugs before working because of a creaky old body? LOL ;D
    Getting old sucks.......... ;)
  2. saddlehorse_98

    saddlehorse_98 Member

    yep 7 ruptured and or bulged and or herniated disc's, degenerative arthritis. hard to do even a shoulder mount without them. hell hard to do even with them. SUCKS

  3. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    I just slug down a couple of brews and get after it! Wait, hold the phone!...I do that whether I'm hurtin' or not, LOL!!!
  4. verne

    verne Well-Known Member

    I enjoy a couple ; coor`s some times :eek: ;D
  5. fozziebear

    fozziebear Active Member

    You might want to reread that first part of your sentance lol !
  6. saddlehorse_98

    saddlehorse_98 Member

    thanks Mill Creek Taxidermy (fozzie) I guess spell check is their for a reason. told you I was medicated. to funny!
  7. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    Pain pills in my shirt pocket now in case my back or knee acts up; about 4 PM and they start in on me. I am going to cut back to half days now because of old age; noon to midnight.
  8. Bobbi Meyer

    Bobbi Meyer I luv to ride my tricycle, I luv to ride my trike

    I'm with ya on the beers!!! Think I'll have one of my homebrewed wheat beers now that you mention it!!! Waiting for my mache to dry..it's so humid here that i had to put a lamp on it try and get it dry.
  9. countrycritter

    countrycritter Active Member

    I just finished putting a red stag together. Took me all day and my back meds ain't helping much.
  10. joey P Holmes

    joey P Holmes New Member

    James that is a beautiful sheep!

    As for the pain, I use Goody powders most of the time but asprin or tylenol sometimes. Goody is asprin + tylenol + caffine.

    I sat at the pottery wheel about all day and I swear I am going to get a cushion for that stool. Late evening now and am ready for something for my back and butt.

  11. Yep it sucks getting older.
  12. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I almost stopped working all together because of pain, I will not take drugs, I just cut way back on what I do. I do just what I can do, and a little extra, then stop.
  13. critterstuffr

    critterstuffr New Member

    If you want a stock tip . . . .ADVIL. Lots and lots of Advil :)