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good tannery in or near MN??

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by 4 Rivers 3D, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. 4 Rivers 3D

    4 Rivers 3D New Member

    Looking to start sending out our hides for tanning. Need reputable tannery? Also, what are expected prices for deer hides? and shipping?? Have been doing our own tanning, but we are getting behind, and had a handful of hides slip and not sure why? Does anyone know how much b. soda to use during neutralizing and how long to neutralize? wondering if that could be cause of some slippage??
  2. WBB793

    WBB793 New Member

    I am in southeast mi I can help you out. Shipping wont be to much different.
    25 yrs exp. Small operation can customize delivery for you

    Will Bruce
    Wildlife Tannery
    517 403 5830

  3. Slippage on well prepared hides? Float issues in the pickle? I would only be able to guess at the slip problem, but most likely there was an air bubble trapped in the hide during the first 48 hours of pickling.

    Neutralizing varies with how you are tanning the hides, paste tan, paint-on oil tan, submersible tan.
  4. Re: Re: good tannery in or near MN??

    Contact manufacturer for their recommendation on neutralizing. I use Krowtann and had a question on this - called number on bottle. Guy answered right away and walked me thru process - no problems.

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  5. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    Midwest Fur Dressing in Rice, MN has been good to deal with for me. 3bears
  6. Jim Willard in Brownsville, MN look him up on here and give him a call you will not be disappointed!
  7. owarzecha

    owarzecha Member

    Midwest fur in rice has always done a great job for me in the past... Jerry over there is a good guy!