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Black fronted diukers,red fronted diukers,blue diukers, with pictures

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by jj sunny, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. jj sunny

    jj sunny keep scams out of this forum,i know u,,

    hello this are well clean black fronted diukers,red fronted diukers,blue diukers with horns and all their teeth...please if you are interested please send me n email at [email protected] for more pictures...

    my best regards

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  2. Jerry Huffaker

    Jerry Huffaker Well-Known Member


  3. jj sunny

    jj sunny keep scams out of this forum,i know u,,

    please i am not such okay..western union is a payment method so what does that mean?did you ever get bad reference about me...are you not seeing the scam alert going on this says with a guy scamming folk using papal???you have being on hear for long an i believe you know the rules and regulation do not discourage other sales....please mine on the post you make comment..be very sure who is who..
    best and hope you understand..i am not such

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  4. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    Ok, jjsunny, aka matt Leo, aka ????? The rules may say do post things to discourage others sale but I think when it comes to someone who is a possible scam this would be an exception. You want us to be sure who is who? Lets examine this post listed below:


    Deny the photos in that posts are not from the same camera taken only a minute apart with two different user names. If you are not the same person, then you certainly are buddy, buddy with the same agenda. Why did you post the same items with two different user names??? This to me smells SCAM all the way around. If it was to have more exposure to what you are selling, then you are violating the rules of the forum by creating a way to bump posts before the 10 day waiting period. So don't be trying to use the rules to your advantage when you are not following them yourself a$$hole.

    While it may be true that I have not seen any bad dealings post about you or matt Leo (which is most likely you anyway), I also have not seen any positive posts either. But I am sure that will change shortly when you make up another user name so you can post a good dealing about yourself.

    Oh, and the reason you probably do not use paypal is because there is a recourse for those who get ripped off. With Western Union, once the money is sent, the buyer is screwed with virtually no chance of recovery. So if you are geniunely legit, start accepting paypal.

  5. jj sunny

    jj sunny keep scams out of this forum,i know u,,

    hello pir^2h yah i will answer you as you seems to be a police behind jj right?okay you are a collector,seller,teacher as others...and you know others that do what so ever you do?i know Matt leo we live in the same state...he once work on my lap and may be he uses this pictures without my knowledge.....so is that clear ...i know him very well and he is also a collector.. maybe he was expecting some skulls then he hard to post this one on sale..

    i am not what you may be thinking i should be i am very simple and understanding...not hash,always understanding to folk..so now have i answer you..
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  6. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    If matt Leo is your friend as you are stating and he is borrowing your photos (which sounds like a crock of anyway), then that makes him a scammer. He is representing that owns and he has these specific items for sale, which according to you, he does not, because they are yours. Do you see my reasons why I am thinking the way I do??? I have no way to verify it conclusively but I am convinced you are same person, along with a couple other user names. We will let the buyers on here decide for themself. Your excuse of him working on your laptop is just a little too convenient. And amazingly, those photos that were take in April both showed up on here in August. Talk about a coincidence! Yeah, right.

    For the record, I am not the police on here for you but I have one damn good memory. If I see someone one that I think is going to get scammed, I will put out a warning via a post or a PM and they can decided for themself if they want to go through with the transaction.

    Lets hear it fellow taxi-net members. Do you think I am wrong?

    You still did not answer why you will not take paypal.

  7. jj sunny

    jj sunny keep scams out of this forum,i know u,,

    if you check some of my post i do take paypal okay...and still accepting it but note that i can only get the money within 3 days because the money will be send to a trusted friend of mind...i mean his paypal account same folk like you guys...so if you wish to pay via paypal no prob
  8. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    So you lack the credentials to get a paypal account on your own and have to rely on a "trusted friend" to get your money! That speaks volumes in itself.

    Your $hit has gotten transparent! Don't try to reach for that one, it is way up there.
  9. drakeB

    drakeB New Member

    "trusted friend of mine" doesn't help your case any - I know because I sometimes get junk mail from Nigerian scammers who use almost the same line. Not all of us are as gullible as you want to believe, but if you want to keep digging yourself deeper, you deserve everything that pir^2h has said, or will said.

    if somebody was going to fall for this trap, should the fool and his money soon parting ways have the name on the Western Union transfer addressed to Jimmy Da Monnie?

    I wonder where moderation is at..... I thought it was against the board rules to scam........
  10. mjvaden

    mjvaden New Member

    Vic sorry to break the news to you but jj sunny is a legitimate seller and not a scam artist.
    He has been here on taxidermy.net for sometime and infact he was one of the reasons that Ken Edwards did not simply ban the ip address from that part of the world.

    With that said if you are in the US and would like to import these skulls you will have to file the proper import declarations but these specimens are importable.
    For information on importing legally please refer to Ken's post at the top of the forsale section on "importing wildlife and the law"

    Mike Vaden
  11. jj sunny

    jj sunny keep scams out of this forum,i know u,,

    mike vaden that was pretty cool never seen a guy like this who just go around and fill to post comment without checking status of seller or s buyer

    if you have being scam or not i propose to you,there is the buyers and sellers section you can always refers a seller or buyer before you send money or send items to he/she i see no need for all this

    there is an active topic about a guy scamming folk using PayPal but some folk are getting their money,,,is the guy and African scam Mr drakeB you most know were you make your comment i am not a scam please please several post i have on hear do offer COD do you even understand the meaning of COD?payment after receive
  12. jj sunny

    jj sunny keep scams out of this forum,i know u,,

    to the top am fully back in business