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Shark forms

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by mike welch, May 5, 2007.

  1. I'm looking for a Black tip shark form, does anyone know of a supplier? its 62" x 28 1/2 girth. Ive found repos but this customer wants skin mount if I can find a form. Thanks in advance Mike
  2. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Mike, I don't know of ANYONE who makes shark forms. Do you understand what you're getting into with a skin mounted shark. There's no way I'd ever offer that option to a customer. It's repro or out the door.

  3. lol I'm starting to figure that out, Thanks George If you don't mind me asking I gave him a price what I charge for skin mounts, but if I have to do a repo its alot for the materials, how would I go about telling him this or do I eat it and learn for next one?
  4. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    You need to charge about 50% more from repro's. In my old age, I've just got lazier (or burned out would be a better statement). I use George McGinnity because he's closeby, but I call him up and get a price on a fish "customer ready". I take that price and add 10% for shipping and handling and then add $150 and that's what price I quote the customer. Most of the larger fish simply overpower my shop and sanding, finishing and painting them entails trashing my shop for days. If the fish is too big for George to send UPS, I just drive up, get it, and call the customer. George finishes them much better than I would anyway. LOL

    As for your case, I wouldn't eat it. Just be up front with your customer. Tell him after researching it, you've learned it couldn't be done and because of that, he's in a new dimension now with increased production costs. It's all true.
  5. NOAH@aarrkk

    [email protected] Active Member

    MAYBE another option, if the customer INSISTS on a skin mount and is willing TO PAY..........find a reproduction that size, skin the shark, remove the fins and place the skin over the reproduction..........never heard of this being done but it's the closest I can come to giving the customer a skin mount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks y'all
  7. Geno

    Geno New Member

    Mike I mounted a hammerhead{Small] once for the yellllllll of it.Looked like a prune over my carved form.Better go repro. Gene
  8. Michael Shipman

    Michael Shipman Killen Merriams in SD

    They can be done. I wouldn't do one. I took one in the other day for repairs. I was awful very lumpy and heavy. I'm doing him a reproduction but using the real teeth.
  9. TrailsEnd

    TrailsEnd Don't forget the elderly, the young and disabled

    I tried doing a sand shark one time. Big Mistake. The skin shriveled up so bad it was sickening. Take George's advice. Do a repro.