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Oregon Taxidermy schools

Discussion in 'Training' started by chance mustang, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. chance mustang

    chance mustang New Member

    Trying to get some feed back on which school stands out.
    High Desert Sportsmans Enterprise
    Calebs Animal Artistry School of Taxidermy
    Any feed back would be a great help
  2. PacWest

    PacWest Active Member

    PM me

  3. chance mustang

    chance mustang New Member

    Also open to other Schools in Northern Oregon.
    Or I'm also one to one on one training
  4. chance mustang

    chance mustang New Member

    Thanks for your input >>
    I have decided to go to with Tony Rose
  5. skallet roseri

    skallet roseri needless to say!

    Caleb has a pretty good school. very open classes if you want to learn the basics of Taxidermy. he also has a open workshop for students.

    i found it nice and pretty fun while i was there.
  6. You picked a GREAT school and instructor. Spent some time with Troy two years ago and you will not be dissapointed!!
  7. Naturesway07

    Naturesway07 New Member

    Troy is an exceptional teacher and asset to the taxidermy industry. I will be going to see him for advanced training.
  8. You cant go wrong with Caleb man, hes a really nice guy, really knows his stuff too.
    Left his course with some pro-quality mounts and plenty of experience.
  9. That's too bad. Troy rose may be a decent taxidermist, but he is shady as a person. He does not seem to have the patience for students anymore. He shows you what to do and leaves you to it. Sure he comes back and tells you if it's wrong or right, but for the price of the "one on one" training, I would think he should watch and correct as you go.... Oh, and dont go during softball season. Because he'll be gone early and you're on your own from there. I helped him build his student housing, bases for mounts for his clients, as well as MUCH MORE in trade for training. Day for day to HELP HIM build his building, considering I have been a general contractor all my career and am trying to semi retire as a taxidermist. But after a bunch of slacking on his part the project drew on and I was pretty much on my own... That is until I ripped my hernia repair and had to go home. At which time Troy told me he would just pay me 25 an hour for 7 hours a day... I WAS LIKE.... WTF??? He told me he reserves the right to refuse service.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I dropped my elk hunt for him, while he took his kid hunting.... yada yada ya.... and then this??? This is a short version, you want the WHOLE TRUTH get in touch with me.
  10. Loren Davidson

    Loren Davidson Member

    I just completed one course of training with Troy today and I have to say that I had absolutely none of these issues that you are talking about. I've had great instruction and feedback along every aspect of my training. I'm sorry that you feel the way you do but I'll defend Troy as an instructor and a good person.
  11. I thought so to and would have defended him as well after my first session with Troy. But after a year and 5 trips there for Troy only only to be paid nearly half the original deal made me think again. Because framing his building for the price of a lifesize bear doesn't seem very fair.