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DolphinFish skull (Coryphaena hippurus)

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Jean-Christophe, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. I finished the DolphinFish skull from the heads I showed somewhere. Dorado, Mahi-mahi in case of future search on this species for someone. This is a male (bull), this mount is 25 cm long and 25 cm height (9.8 inches) and I think the whole fish should be around 1,30m long (4.265 ft).

    Here is a picture of him before. Gills where broken and partially missing, so I just removed them.

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  2. Wanted to show the neurocranium. Bones are white, but some of the following pictures looks a bit yellow.

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  3. Look at the damages on the jaws articulation, seems to be a cured fracture. Don't know how it could happen or how he could live with it. The other side is curved, smaller and porous. No idea on it. But this explain why he has left upper jaw on the inside and not outside as it should be. I thought it was because of caught damages but it wasn't.

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  4. Again. Normal quadrate bone on the right and cured on the left.

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  5. Again on the jaw. plus things pointed before.

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  6. Here is a display picture of how it should look in his own twisted position, except left upper jaw should be on the inside for him. Took this picture to keep image of how it was with him. But on the final skull I positioned it as symmetrically as I could for aesthetic reasons.

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  7. Front picture of the skull finished.

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  8. Right side DolphinFish skull.

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  9. Left side DolphinFish skull.

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  10. 3/4

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  11. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Very bizarre. Nice job.
  12. Wouter

    Wouter Member

    Another great fish skull by Jean-Christophe! I hope I can make my first fish skull that I'll try soon about half as good ;D

  13. Baccus

    Baccus Member

    Great work. I am tempted to get more into fish but reptiles keep my busy as it is.
  14. Thanks every one !
    For the jaw I was thinking of something like a cancer or any disease that slowed down the growth on this side and weakened bone during normal growth of the over side. Then due to bone plasticity it twisted like that... I know that big top predator fish are supposed to concentrate polluants getting from all of their preys. Just some thought. Or could be an inflammation because of the new place of the jaw due to the fracture on the other side... Guess welcome.

    Wouter, sure you're going to get something too. Just time to familiarize with their bones.
    Baccus, so you did some fish already. Can you show some of them if yes ?
  15. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    So cool. That thing looks like one of the animals in Avatar. I love those skulls but have always found fish too annoying to degrease and the bones don't fit together as cleanly as in mammals. Maybe one day I'll stop being lazy and mount one!
  16. Wouter

    Wouter Member

    Same here! I've always avoided fish because they seemed to difficult to me, so I just stayed with birds and mammals. I was once asked whether I could turn two very large fish into skeletons, but although they were very interesting to work with for an anatomist, I declined because I did not feel qualified to work with priceless and irreplacable specimens I could not afford to mess up :-\.
    However, now I feel well motivated to try my first fish! I got several large zander heads, so even if I do screw up with the first one, I can try again ;D
  17. Guus

    Guus Member

    Wow, that is really a nice fish skull!! Incredible how it looks, sure would like to have one of those! Very nice job on articulating it, did it have the same amount of pieces as usual or did some pieces stay together? Looks like quite solid bone for a fish. Nice that you kept the eye bones as well!
  18. Thanks !!
    Fish grease can be very hidden deep in bones (even very small bones) but depends a lot on species. Fish to start for a lazy man could be eels or gar I think, because bones fit very well together and few separate.
    Wouter, I think I would not except yet a full rare fish to do too. Lots more experience to get before that. But almost sure fish skeletons are the best to make an anatomist happy.
    Guus, it was the first time I saw dolphin fish in the fish shop (last time I saw a gigantic marlin head that I didn't even asked of course. No way I can do something that big).
    Yes, same pieces, but some didn't separate from the others like the block quadrate/symplectic/metapteridoid/hyomandibular/ento and ectopterigoid. Look at a schema or a draw and the area is simple to see. Nasal bones didn't separated too if I'm right when I think they are the big round bones on top of the upper jaws.
    Yes they are quite solid, neurocranium reminds me a bit of a juvenile pig bone texture, those that are usually in butchery not piglets.
    Grouper bones are extremely strong, more than barracuda, and maybe more than many mammals too.
  19. Wouter

    Wouter Member

    I agree with you JC, I would not accept a skeleton to build for someone else either if I wasn't sure I could pull of the job. The fishes I was talking about were coelacanths, very weird because they have a head and fins of bone and a spine of cartilage. As far as I'm aware of there is only one full coelacanth skeleton ever made which is in the Paris museum. The only person I know who could make one as well is probably Michel Bourque from Canada.
    I feel much more comfortable with birds, nowadays I would accept any species bigger than a sparrow, no matter how rare. But messing around with my own fish is no problem either, no matter how badly I'll screw up, nobody will be angry with me. ;D

  20. Vkvz

    Vkvz New Member

    Woaw, what an opportunity!! Where did the specimens come from ? Were they L. chalumnae or L. menadoensis ?
    But I agree with you, solid experience would be needed here, and Michel Bourque is indeed the only person I know of who's probably experienced enough with fish and cartilage. Although you also have some top guys in Holland I believe ? A couple of museum people could probably also achieve good results as well.
    Same as you, the only skeleton I know of is in Paris, but I would not be surprised it there was a couple of other prepared specimens in large institutions such as the MfN, BMNH, Smithsonian or AMNH.

    But more to the point that dolphinfish is fantastic !! And huge ! Fantastic work as always. Actually it motivated me to finish mine, which of course is not as impressive since it's a small female (and since you're better than me at fish ;)), but I'll post pictures soon when I have the time to take some.
    Make me regret not keeping the heads when I lived in Tahiti. Ate a lot of them though, they taste great !