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OOHH!! 6900 Wall Ped!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by SWIFFY, Oct 11, 2012.


    SWIFFY Member

    Ive got a big giant buck from WI to do! I was planning trying out a Coombs 9400.... but now I see McKenzie has the 6900 in a wall ped that looks kind of similar... I think im going to have to try that!!

    I imagine theyre too new for anyone to have tried them yet?

    What do you folks think? Did the 6900 Wall Ped catch your eye?

  2. Must be really new. All I can find is a floor ped.,,,, in a 6900. I must be missing it!?!?!


    SWIFFY Member

    Oh man! I feel like a complete idiot!

    You are correct. Its a floor ped. I guess I need to READ the description.

    Sorry for getting anyone looking everywhere in the catalog for something that doesnt exsist!!! :(
  4. No worries...... I just figured there was something I was missing. Bet you could alter it into a wall pedestal if you wanted to. Then you'd have a unique mount for the customer.
  5. fozziebear

    fozziebear Active Member

    has everyone recieved this seasons new catalog
    already? I do not have a new one yet.......?
  6. Re: Re: OOHH!! 6900 Wall Ped!

    All I have is the 2011-2012 they said they'd be shipping the new one out in the next few weeks

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  7. roostinridge

    roostinridge Active Member

    Got mine a couple of days ago.
  8. Just got the new magazine in yesterday and can't wait to order one!

    Mike Edmonds
    Wilderness Taxidermy
    & Commercial Tannery
    [email protected]

    SWIFFY Member

    Yes I just got it yesterday! Its for myself and I WILL be altering it!

    I see the large sizes wont be available until later though.

    It sure is a nice looking pose, a bit more of a turn than the regular 6900. Im excited to try it!
  10. dhart

    dhart Active Member

    I also got mine yesterday! Getting quite a few catalogs this week.
  11. fozziebear

    fozziebear Active Member

    Good to hear, Just went to the mailbox and only got the WASCO catalog today, maybe tomorrow Mckenzie's will show.............
  12. Got mine today!!
  13. tem

    tem Well-Known Member

    got mine Thursday. hang in there. I'm sure its coming.
  14. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Ive seen some models, and I can say youll probably like the heavy neck and shoulders on that floor ped...
  15. got 2 of the same one yesterday .i guess one for school and one for home ,haha
  16. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    I'll sell you mine.
  17. Just got mine yesterday
  18. fozziebear

    fozziebear Active Member

    Ha ha ,yea I got mine yesterday
    too but better yet I got a bunch of OTS
    CATALOGS that I put at the store
    one at the processors one at home
    and one in the truck. i plan to push
    the OTS forms like I did the 6900's
    last year!
  19. Re: Re: OOHH!! 6900 Wall Ped!

    Got my Mckenzie, WASCO, and OTS catalogs on Wednesday. Mostly ordering from Mckenzie and OTS.

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