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***Important Please Read If you are posting in this section***UPDATED 10/19***

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by mjvaden, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. mjvaden

    mjvaden New Member

    As some of you may or my not know, We have been working very hard to keep the scammers off of this site. We have been removing scam ads, baning the members that post them as well as their Ip addresses if we can, and are working on some new programing that will pretty much eliminate them.

    Here is the problem they are getting wise and changing tactics. They are now responding to Want ad posts Via Email. this we Have little or no controll over. So here are a couple of quick tips.

    ***When some one is responding to your ad please remember if it is too good to be true it usually is.

    ***Never ever ever Western union money to a seller (with the only acception being if you already have the items and they have cleared fish and wildlife and customs)

    ***Allways get a Valid full name address and phone number from the seller and Check them. You can google them, and use whitepages.com.

    ***Never send money with out first talking on the phone to them on a call that you placed not them! (these scammer will give you all kind of crazy excuses about why they can not talk to you , every thing from they are deaf to there phone is turned off to i accidental dropped it in the torlit)

    ***Trust your Gut feelings if you think it might be a scam and any of the above did not check out.... simply walk away.

    ***Additionally there are a handfull of scammers here in the US such as Bob Slone and his 50 aliases. these are a little harder to controll or detect but at least here we can go after these domestic scammers legally (which By the way if you have been scammed by Bob Sloan please send me the details.)

    If you have been contacted by some one that is a scammer please email me their details and we will start making a list so these scum bags will have to make a new email for every scam they try to pull.

    Thanks, Michael Vaden

    Please check back often as I will be adding more info and names to the list of scammers

    Here is the first name for the list:
    Nicholas Upshaw <[email protected] answered an ad for white tail capes wanted

    Cris Dan [email protected] AKA EGBENCHONG DANIEL AYUK, AKA macpherson, (Responding to want ads)

    the scumbag above is also responding to ads under the name below..

    Gary X. Johnson Johnson <[email protected]
    George M. Ayompe
    George Taxidermy Shop
    531 Avenue Royal,
    Laurel, MD 20708
    State Licensed Taxidermist
    Licensed Furbuyer
    NTA Lifetime Member
    AKC CGC Evaluator
    Tel: 509-723-0092
  2. AsylumArtwork

    AsylumArtwork Instagram @AsylumArtwork

    Re: ***Important Please Read If you are posting in this section***

    Thanks Michael! Great info! I'm going to send you a PM about someone who scammed me so hopefully it won't happen to anyone else!

    Thanks again!

  3. jj sunny

    jj sunny keep scams out of this forum,i know u,,

    Michael J Vaden

    great job
  4. Raynewolfe

    Raynewolfe TY for understanding things outside our control.

    Unless its me, lol, I really cant hear on the phone and use a tty service haha.. But I also use paypal and not western union... :-D

    Another 'want ad' reply, this one was to a zebra cape:

    Email: [email protected]
    Contact: Darwin C./Darwin Chris
    Lowell, Massachusetts
    01853, USA

    Their getting real smart though. Because first contact wasnt broken english and gave the option of coming to their shop in Massachusetts to pick up the cape.

    I had to talk him out of a last name and phone number much to his being offended and upset. After an attempt by an associate to call the provided non working number the only responses I get are in reference 'respecting his personality before saying certain things' and of course now all I get is "sorry i cant get you can you email me your number to call you? i have been expecting your call long" Obvious scammer...

    Take care folks.
    K. Raynewolfe
  5. Raynewolfe

    Raynewolfe TY for understanding things outside our control.

    Also, that gary johnson guy has copied part of my 'email signature' so he has to be one of the scammers thats been after me! One of the only ones has been that jason campbell or bob sloan or whatever his name is.. So your other guy could possibly be him too?

    State Licensed Taxidermist
    Licensed Furbuyer
    NTA Lifetime Member
    AKC CGC Evaluator
  6. This guy responded to my wanted ad for turkey wings and has insisted I pay him by Walmart moneygram. Said his shop is just meters away from Walmart. RED FLAG! He uses the email [email protected]
  7. Just wondering if the same rules apply in here about ten day bumping. Or is this a free for all area where we can keep bumping every day?
  8. TyW

    TyW Member

    Thanks for watching out for us.
    Your buddy always,
    Ty Weaver

    "Every kid is waiting to be invited outdoors. Ask them!"
  9. MattsyKun

    MattsyKun Member

    I think having a physical voice is excellent! If you're not comfortable with talking on the phone, then you shouldn't be posting on here.

    Not to mention, I had a scammer answer to one of my posts. He asked to speak to me on the phone, but I didn't have a problem with that... he was VERY pushy about getting me to buy, even going so far as to say "it was related to my totem animal" and such. I was VERY wary.

    In that case, if you feel something's wrong, your gut is USUALLY right. Trust that instinct and you'll stay out of trouble.
  10. Light Rail Coyote

    Light Rail Coyote Active Member

    Just an added note: If you have been scammed, you can report the incident to the IC3. They're a crime unit dedicated to instances of online theft, fraud, and things of that ilk. They've worked for me before on more than one occasion.
  11. cindyjohn

    cindyjohn New Member

    Thanks for watching out for us.
  12. Dogsteaks

    Dogsteaks New Member

    Hey Michael, thank you for keeping an eye out :)
  13. Charlie3am

    Charlie3am New Member

    Hi Michael vaden! I'm new here and got an extremely fishy email today, thought you might want to see it, I'm just gonna paste it below, I posted in the wanted section Lookin for a cougar skull,

    From, micheal jime email/[email protected]
    I have attached pictures of the lion skulls
    The lion skulls have no cracked teeth and all nasal cavity bones are perfect. One large and two medium size. One has a cracked cheek bone that was done in the wild. See pics.One of them has had the tiny tooth behind the upper canine removed for age testing. I'm asking $400 for all three + shipping. They are not spray sealed yet but can do that if you like before shipping,

    I am located in North Caolina 27530

    asking $30 including shipping to your address

    if ok then will accept payment via CBD option from EMS

    This payment option means that, the ems will take the responsibility to ship your package and send payment to me only when you have received your package. In this case, i will use but my shop address to follow up the registration of your package with EMS. As soon as i am done with the registration, then ems will contact you and give you detail on your item. So you shall be sending payment to the ems and they will keep payment and have your package delivered before sending their agents to hand my payment to my sales agent at my shop

    Please your detail address should contain the following
    Your full name
    Your street and house address
    Your city, State and zip code

    Please send them to me as soon as possible so that it can be printed so that the delivery arrangements is followed up as soon as possible

    Thanks and waiting for your full delivery information
    EMS Will notify you with the details once i register your package with them and inform you of the departure and arrival time of your package with them to you
  14. JessiK

    JessiK Member

    I got a sketch email from Micheal Jime as well. Worded just the same except about wolves instead.
  15. exoticswan

    exoticswan Jessy Riley

    this is to the post Charlie3am posted

    first its illegal to import without the correct paperwork ems as far as I know is international only so its coming from overseas that's first
    second lets say the paper work is all in order or its coming from the us the shipping company does not care if you got a brick or a lion skull when they deliver they pay
    also you can tell English is not the language they speak (we don't speak text book English) and more don't want to point them out just in case they see this

    I would never go for this deal

    hope everyone is well :)
  16. Charlie3am

    Charlie3am New Member

    @exotic swan I never responded back because of how fishy this sounded, thank you!
  17. Bobcat79

    Bobcat79 New Member

    Michael.I have been reading post on hornbills occasionally and would like to know who I can trust. Is it possible to purchase them legally and how?
  18. Gonna bump this as I got a weird e-mail today. The same Micheal Jime fellow who is from Moscow Russia is selling whitetail capes via PayPal now. I will send you the e-mail in a PM.
  19. mjvaden

    mjvaden New Member

    Yes that is 1,000,000% scam. There has been a rash of scams comming out of Russia. I would look at all of these as scams. And even in the remote chance they were not a scam to import legally from Russia will cost you up wards of $500. To clear.
  20. bowelk

    bowelk Member

    Thanks for the heads up Michael! Great job looking out for us all!